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I understand that changes to ship skin for Scharnhorst affect the Graf Spee but I have used the Scharnhorst extensively and would love to have the same paint mod as the Bismark and Prinz Eugen. I have looked at other programs but without question, Aslain has been the best. Other programs interfere with Aslain and I will not use any other. There is a wide selection of skins offered but I would like to see historical mod include Scharnhorst. Not to brag but I have donated fairly to Aslain and will continue to do so in the hopes you continue a wonderful program for a great game. Scharnhorst is my only request at this point. Thank you.

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Thank you Aslain. You've been a lot of help to us but I do feel I am more important than any of those grunt tankers. I cant believe you think they are more important than we are. Those tankers don't care about our feelings. lol. JK. Any help is always appreciated.

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