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About server crosshair

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From EU


by phantasm_ru


It seems that I have to make a public statement about sights.pyc and server crosshair.


1. WG had implemented major chanes to reload time calculation in their code, especially in replays (actually they've almost abandoned reload timer in replays so I calculate it manually).

2. I've tried hard to fix that, and by today we have a partially working solution, which can still display incorrect reloading times. I know about this bug.

3. I'm doing my best to fix it. Please have patience. Sorry, but I can't promise that I'll be able to make a fix soon.

4. All other features (except reload timer) - distance measurement, zoom, spotting percentage, etc, should work just fine.


As for the server crosshair - koshnaranek (the author of this mod) told me that he is planning to rewrite it from scratch. No time estimation, no promises, sorry guys. If you really need a server crosshair you can use PMOD, it has server reticle feature too. But be advised - PMOD is very complicated, and can conflict with your other obsolete mods, which you love to use every new patch, for some reason ;)

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whats PMOD? and where can i get it?


Just a mod, with few configurable settings, the author simply gathered few mods and compiled them all into a single one.


PMOD homepage: http://forum.worldoftanks.ru/index.php?/topic/1172523-


"PM0D author act's like a script collector and his mod is now very complicated, can conflict with other mods.

Due to this fact We abandon it's zoom and server aim features long time ago"

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