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[] Texture-Based Ambient Occlusion (v1.3)

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>Disable driver enforced ambient occlusion or any other form of ambient occlusion (unless you don't care about waste of fps)
>Should be installed as final just in case multiple mods are there.


>Extract the contents to "World of Warships/res_mods/x.x.x.x(res version)
>Replace any existing files (Just in case they do)


>Improves the in-game ambient occlusion to be more visible/darker.


-Alpha Release
>Every model/ships as of

>Every model/ships as of
>Revamped and Fixed all textures
>Added german destroyer line

>Every model/ships as of
>Changed AO texturing method to Emboss (Similar to NVIDIA's Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion, but it is just a replica it is not a guaranteed real thing, but you will notice on this screenshot http://pasteboard.co/nYp3A7OkB.png almost all edges are darkened the same way the real thing does. [Please note that the method I used on previous versions are all SSAO Based for those who wants to know])

>Changed AO texturing method back to SSAO (This is actually better because the previous version removed the game's ability to emulate soft shadows)
>Improved darkening on textures

>Revamped the entire game's ao files (found out there were files besides the ship ones, so I decided to extract all game files and find all the ao ones)
>Files consists of some port textures, some trees, etc, but most of them are terrain files. (566 Total AO Files that I found in the game's entirely extracted files, including the pre-existing ones)

>Skipped due to various resorting and organizing files

>RECOMMEND TO REINSTALL ALL YOUR MODS (Last version that I uploaded had those unecessary AO files)
>Removed uneccesary AO files (Didn't have any eyecandy effect or just useless)
>Added a couple of new files as of update (It was a bunch of destroyers I think, and some russian ships)
>544 Total AO Files on this mod (Have to put this every now and then for future references just in case I get confused)

>Applied Gradient Mapping technique to all textures to normalize darkening.
>Added couple of new maps/probably ships too as well
>All textures as of
>590 Total AO Files on this mod




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3 minutes ago, RadioactiveTwinkie said:

So in general how does this mod effect FPS? If I install it will my frames jump up drop down or stay roughly the same?

Shouldn't change at all. They're textures, they're loaded no matter what :)

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