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Info panel puts itself in top left corner

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There is a chance that you accidentlay moved it there with mouse. I played with your setup, and I tested that possibility, and it's quite possible. To fix it, reinstall the modack, or use mouse and drag in back to desired location.

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It happened 2 or 3 times, reinstalled each time to fix it. I didn't know I could move it, I think I tried though, but it might have been hidden behind the player panels. Anyways, I reinstalled again after I posted this, and saw that I could move it. But it hasn't moved itself to the top left corner in the past 2 days.


Since WoT is currently bugged in windowed borderless mode, windows taskbar shows on the bottom. I'm currently running it in fullscreen mode, which sometimes goes into windowed mode after an alt+tab every now and then requiring alt+enter to maximize again. I have a feeling that this is what might have caused the problems, that or me fiddling with the resolution options.

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5 hours ago, Alendo said:

Awright, I'll try that if it gets itself stuck again. :)


Just keep pressing L.CTRL, and try to catch it with mouse, then drag it to the right, then it should be easier to move to proper location. Noticed that you're also using CTRL enlarged centered map and repair center in middle of screen - that three mods might not like each other if you use them at same time.

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