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Can't see the xvm statistics

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Everything works perfectly but i can not see the players stats in battle loading screen and in tab mode in battle!



i made some changes in rating file enable all as " true" but nothing

Any ideas ??


Don't use rating file is no longer viable. You have to enable everything on XVM website now, including winchance.

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Hello Aslain, my issue with xvm stats on the battle load screen started with V.3.9.19.. this is when mine stopped showing players stats and win chance. I had read that someone also had the same issue and reverted to the previous version. I did this and it worked, I left it like that until WOT came out with 9.4 and then I had to use your next version. It still would not show the stats. Everything else that I had used from the modpack worked (thanks). I continued to download each version as you sent them out to no avail and follow all of the threads trying the different suggestions ( see below). I just didn't want to bug you about it so I just continued on as is.


update stats button om xvm

checked the button for win chance

when installing I cleared both caches and yes it does reset everything but it is only a few minutes to set back up

i looked for the deactivate button that you suggested but this does not appear on the bar on xvm site.only time remaining, update stats user name. server


Yesterday after downloading your latest and going through the same steps and going onto the xvm site I noticed my time had run out. I logged in and hit the activate stats button. When I went into the game the message box said my stats were active. Loaded up the battle and all the stats and winchance came up.


If this happens again how do I get the activate button to come up not the update stats or do I have to wait till my runs out?


thanks for all your hard work and amazing patience.

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