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"Login screen video" Disable option not working correctly

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Firstly... AWESOME mod pack... love it, it contains a bunch of stuff that really should be in the game!


So, I finally decided that it was time to report this issue... as it has been bothering me for quite a number of release (like... back to the 5.x versions ;)). Basically, when you choose the "Login Screen Video" -> "Login Movie Disable" option...




it isn't FULLY working... the installer only creates a single "../res_mod/gui/video/login.usm" file...




however, in the res folder tree we can see there are actually 3 different login videos... and the system randomly selects one to display at login.




The result being that roughly 2 out of 3 times, the game will start up with the super annoying login videos (I really dislike them because of the constant jarring cuts, it really irritates me :P)


Until now, I've been working around the issue, by just copying the "dummy" login.usm that the installer creates in res_mods and manually creating the _02.usm and _03.usm files in the res_mods tree myself, but I generally forget and then get annoyed by the videos on the login screen ;)


So, is there any chance you can update the installer to make it create the _02.usm and _03.usm automagically?


Cheers... and thanks again for the modpack... it makes the WoWS experience soooo much better :D 

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