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Hi Aslain at your lasts versions of your modpack i take some randoms BSODs Today i already install the last version of your modpack but i take my second BSOD of today... im not sure if this helps you but the BSOD never happend during playing battle but always exactly when battle finish at the time game turns you back to the garrage... im not ussing other mods except your modpack... Last days I try already to find a solution that works to fix my problem like install and uninstall clear cache ccleaner etc but i cant fix it... If i uninstall the modpack everything working fine and im not taking BSODs but i dont want to stop the modpack cause i :wub: so have you friend any idea what maybe makes this problem or specific what mods are suspicius causing this so i stop using them? i copy you the log 


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i have already checked and have the latest drivers on my pc i can reinstall my graphic Nvidia drivers not a problem for me but i already have the newest version and im afraid this not causing the problem because i im taking bsod only when im using the modpack when i play.... without the modpack i never have this problem... so that makes me sure that 1 of all this mods i use causing that problem its not the first time we seeing a mod making bsod i have some examples of older mods making bsod to many players but i dont whant to say names

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