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Rangefinder Mod Request

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Love your modpack. Have used it for years with WOT and was pleasantly surprised to discover you have a pack for WoWS. There is a simple mod out there that is very helpful, it just makes the rangefinder number a little larger and yellow so it is much easier to read. It's in Hako's modpack and it's called 'Improved RangeFinder.' I tried to find out who the author is, but I can't locate them. I've tried to attached a screenshot of what it looks like. 


For the record, your modpack is more complete and has so many great options. I'd much rather use yours, but the vanilla rangefinder is so hard to read for me and I'd love to see it in your modpack. If it's not possible, I completely understand.


Thanks for your time, Aslain.



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