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Detailed Damage Indicator causing failure to load battle.

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Thank you for your efforts. I've been enjoying the mods in this modpack immensely.


Since, I have been unable to load into battle with Detailed Damage Indicator installed.


Game will load to port without issue, but fails to enter matches. Game is not crashed, simply waiting at the battle load. Can see player movement in map, and can be exited with Alt-F4 combo. Removal of all mods allowed entry. Further testing narrowed it down to just this one mod.


i5-6600K (overclocked, 4.0-4.4), GTX 1060 3GB (also mildly overclocked), 32GB DDR-4, 256GB PCI-Ex4 SSD, multiple HDDs


Will provide further information/testing as requested.

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If you can even get into battle, then you have not produced the bug.


It is reproducible every time for myself and at least one other clan mate; directly caused by 'Detailed Damage Indicator'.


Yet, there is one clan mate who also does not have the bug, with that or any other mod.


Simple enough solution, though: don't use the mod.


[EDIT: If it matters, I'm running game at 1920x1080 all maxed. I don't know for sure what settings my clan mates use, but I can find out.]

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