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Only happened after 4.0.9 install.  


Was able to play a couple of games and suddenly have a freeze on the loading screen.  Would not load into the spawn area.  However, could hear the clock ticking and once the battle starts I can shooting and explosions.  Turning the mouse allows the stereo of noises from one headset speaker to the other.  I had to Ctrl+Alt+Delete into task manager and stop the game.  After a couple of times of this, I notice I was able to get the mouse to get to the "X" in the top right to close the window.


I went back and did your recommendation of what to do before reporting any bugs with a clean full install, remove contents of DLC, and WOT cache folder.  After about 4 or 5 games, it happened once again.  Keep getting reported for not being in battle.  I did go into a training room after the first time of the install of the mod pack 4.0.9 without any problems.  Not sure what the issue could be.




UPDATE: Noticed a lot of people are commenting about gnomes sounds causing problems.  I did have the gun sound from gnomes installed.  Now going back to K engine and gun sounds without gnomes.



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Now that you mentioned the Leopard V, I was in a platoon where Tier 5 was being played and I know my one clan member has the Leopard... poor guy.. trying to get him to pick a different line and I think he finally understands that.  Played about 25 games and no issue with the freezing at the loading screen while using just the K sound mods.  I will try tomorrow with the Gnome's sound mod again to see if I get a repeat at some point of the freezing at the loading screen or if it needs to be a Leopard Tier V vehicle. 

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I'm having a similar problem.


The game never loads. It sits on the loading screen. It doesn't seem frozen as the clock in the bottom right continues to click. I hear no sounds (like engine noises or anything like that) as others have reported. 

If I close the game, and load back in, I get in every time (on the second try). 


It seems to happen more often when I am platooned, or in a Stronghold. 

Tank selection does not seem to make a difference.


It does not happen on every game - perhaps 1 in 5. 


I am running (and have run a combination of different but similar mods) the simple reticle mod, a few map mods, and the WN8/Damage mod. 


I am not using, nor have I ever installed, the Gnome Father sound mods. 


I've used the most recent update for the mod pack. 


Any ideas?

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My game did this on two games last night when using Leopard Tier 5.  You get warnings from WG about INACTIVITY.  Penalties came later............


Today it did the lock on loading screen with full sounds of game on a couple of other tanks.


I went back to NO MODS and it worked fine for the 4-5 games I played vanilla.


Now that I've read instructions, I am rerunning and clearing caches.


Will report back and upload logs if this does not rectify the issue.

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