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Lost Aslain's Modern Icon tier and changes to statistic tab

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Thanks for all your help.


Several things have occured here:


1st:  I lost your Moder Icons with Arab tier numbers again.  Usually you just send me your DLC folder and I cut and past and it works fine.  I tried to reinstall the old one that you sent me but it did not work.  Thankfully Aslain's Colored Tech Tree is working.  I am currently viewing the classical icons.


2nd:  As you can see by my screenshot, I am showing the basic statistics panel when I usually run the advance statistics panel.


3rd:  I usually use Aslain's 10 colored stats, but this is not that.  Usually I am yellow in color, but this is showing me as Orange.


4th:  Although you can not see this, I have two sniper mode multipliers to show my zoom in settings.  One is red in the upper right hand corner and the second is green directly on the right side.


At least I can still play the game.


Once again thank you for all your help.  Hopefully I will get a new computer soon and it will download alll your file properly so I don't have to ask you for help.


Take care

Bill Broicato






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