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Battle Hits Viewer - script problem

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Game is hosed if try to use the newly added Battle HIts Viewer. Upon launching game, get this notification:


Error:  ScriptLoader PRO v1.22: Error by executing script(s): mod_battlehits.pyc Check Python Logfile for detailed Informations [ C:/Games/World_of_Tanks/Python.log ].


If this mod isn't selected in Aslains setup, all is good. If selected, lots of bad... can't see any tanks on the battle field, game doesn't close properly (have to use task manager to kill it), and more.




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More info on above problem....


Took a look at python.log and found "[SL_PRO] Skipped Script: mod_battlehits.pyc". Searched resmod folder and could not locate "mod_battlehits.pyc."


Turned off virus protection and windows defender and repeated aslain install. No joy...same error and still cannot locate the pyc file.


Not critical so work on more important stuff before giving this a look.

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