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Vehicle Exp Extended not showing.

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Good day sir,

I used to have the vehicle exp extended with the red and green text for xp needed and how much to go.

but its not there anymore, i selected the mod and made sure (by installing 3 times now) that the research watch dog is NOT checked.


but still. as you can see in the screenshot, i have 2 research headers. the top one should be the one for vehicle exp extended.

the second states some info but not the one i prefer, its the research watchdog, despite i UNchecked it.


Hope you can help me fix it.


steps i tried to fix it:

download the latest mod + fresh install of the modpack (delete downloaded files etc).

still not working

Deleted the resmods and mods folder and reinstall again.

still not working.

checked the option in the description of the mod, but its not there there is no option for Show simplified techinical characteristics in the Garage. 


it shoud look like this: (old picture but the red and green text is what's missing under Forschung)




im out of options here.


tnx for your awesome modpack :)






research not opening.PNG

2 times research.PNG

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Looks like a new conflict between YasenKrasen and Vehicle Exp Extended - maybe it's because they added research watchdog to yasen krasen, and that mod has similar features to vehicle exp extended.

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4 minutes ago, rockforce said:

ok then i choose an other stats mod for now, can we keep this post open so if you fixed it i can reinstall the YK?


Sure, can you confirm that removing one of mentioned mods fixed your issue?

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3 hours ago, Aslain said:


Sure, can you confirm that removing one of mentioned mods fixed your issue?

i posted a link on the wot site about the mod having issue's with the other mods this was the mod creator his reply:




is this something you can build in?

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Ok, it's harder than I thought, I know what to edit out, but to automate it in the installer is another thing.... so I have to leave it for another time.


Wish there was a simply switch, in the config...

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ok i checked the box for turn of side panel addons. 

still no succes i get the research header but when i click it it will not unfold.


BUT! the 2nd research header is gone. and in the config file of the YK is no ref to the watchdog.


ill try it with tomonik session stats  now.



added 7 minutes later

vehicle exp extended works with tomonik session stats.

so it must be the YK causing the problem.

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