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Auto Equip listed in two categories.

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Hi Aslain,


Under [Other XVM Settings] there is Equip Auto Return (you need to setup each tank first!).

Under [Garage mods] there is a subcategory for Automatic equipment mounting/dismounting, which has AutoTelescope as well as Equip Auto by ekspoint (non-XVM version).


I think these should all be in the Garage Mods, shouldn't they?  Equip Auto Return should be mutually exclusive of AutoTelescope and ekspoint.


Thanks again for keeping up this indispensable mod pack!

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All I can do is something like this: When mod A is installed then mod B will be automaticaly unchecked, but it will lead to questions like "Aslain why I don't have mod B, I have checked it but it's not installed?". I already have something like this, in few cases, but I would prefer to not use it everywhere.


What we have currently is a bit of sacrafice, people must pay attention and to not select similar mods. :/


I will look at AutoTelescope.

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