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Contacts not connecting

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Before I installed you mods the contacts section was working fine.  So i know it has something to do with the mod pack.  Every time I login my contacts fails to connect to the server.  So i can not see if any of my friends are on and they can not see me if I am on.  I attached an image of what my contacts keeps doing. it never gets connected. 

2017-06-07 12.03.18.jpg

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Newbie, I also have the problem with the contact list never connecting, but the game works fine in all other aspects.  I did a little testing and here's what I found.  I have 2 systems running Tanks.


System 1 has NEVER had any mods installed and has always been a vanilla client, and is my Alt account system

System 2 has always used Aslain modpack and is my Primary account system.

Both systems run identical OS/Anti-Virus/Malware/etc.......


My Alt account contact list works FINE on both systems.

My Primary account FAILS on both systems (contact list broken) even when NO mods are installed on either system


These tests were run against both the East and West serves.

I tried safe mode = FAIL

I manually cleansed the mod directories = FAIL

I tried at least ten combinations of mods = FAIL

I did clean/delete installs each time = FAIL


This has me convinced that that the modpack is not at fault, and neither is the game installation or the software config on either on my systems.  It seems to be something wrong with my account at Wargaming's end of things.  Also worth mention is that my Primary account contact list is pretty huge, and my alt account list is very small.  Maybe some new size limit is breaking it, and might explain why it happens to some and not others........



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You aren't the only one experiencing this problem. It has nothing to do with the Mod Pack. It's on WG end. Somwtimes the list loads, sometimes it doesn't, sometimes it takes a while but, it will load. 3 different outcomes for the contact list, never, sometimes, delayed.

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