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Installing some skin packs makes Type 9 premium camos invisible

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As I discovered today with my naked Murmansk and Ishizuchi, installing any option under Skins & Appearance (as of 2017-06-24) will stop all Type 9 camos from being shown (however they still function as if mounted).


This bug is repeatable and can be reversed by removing skin mods.


I have included logs from my modded client for both no skin packs (no bug), and with Xandier's Skins installed for demonstration, however this issue can be replicated with any pack.



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Sorry when I said 'any' it really meant I was too lazy to test.  I've gone through the list to check which mods do and do not cause this issue.


Issue Caused (no type 9 camos):

Xandier's Kancolle Skin Pack 2
Akoi Hanage no Arpeggio Skins
No Rust Skins

No Issue:

RWBY Skin Collection

All 'Group 2' skin packs (KM ships, Yamato, Blyskawica, Nikolai I, Missouri)

No Manga



Unique camo for all ships (changes them anyway)
Camoflauge Remover

Crood's Skins



I've included the logs with only RWBY installed and the Type 9 camos working.


P.S.:  I've noticed that 'Group 2' is inside of 'Group 1', but 'Group 3' isn't.  Is this the intentional formatting?



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