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Noacuracy's Shipgirl Icons mod

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(if this doesn't belong here, please move it i guess :D)


Hey guys!

So... basically what i have here are my own set of shipgirl icons!
i have a post (aswell as the DL link) over at the WoWS NA forums. Link here.

I update it occasionally. though i have spent a decent amount of time (almost a year now) and have nearly filled in all of the tech trees already, there's still much work to be done.
and whenever new ships/lines come out, they will always take priority.

Thanks for your time! :D

-Update featuring HMS Nelson and Graf Zeppelin Released!-


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2 hours ago, Aslain said:

I will add it, but I noticed that I have a lot of missing girls on many ship icons, not sure if it's just me.

Thanks First of all! :D -

i have done most of the main ships of all tech trees - save for all of the tier 1's and a few lower tiers for now. i will come back to them eventually in later updates.



If you were viewing the tech tree, since i haven't made any changes to the un-researched icons, they stay the same. but my icons will show if already researched, or, if it is next in line to be researched. as you can see below that I have not yet researched Tashkent, but if you mouse over it, its there.




if those arn't what's going on exactly, please let me know ^^

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