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Malvertisement Website Redirect 4

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I mentioned this once before in chatbox but let's mention again here.


Every time I go to download a new modpack, before the SKIP ADS button appears I get message from Norton Security about blocked Malvertisement Website Redirect 4 -attack. Attacking IP is arrasley.info.


Not a problem for me personally as Norton seems to handle this but might be an issue for someone else.

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That is what you will encounter on some ads, this is how some ads works, I reported it planety of times to adly, they confirmed it's nothing exceptional. Just follow downloading procedure. You should know how it works. Click skip ad, and wait for dialog window for downloading with my modpack exe. If you receive a new website, or something that is not my exe then Ignore, close it all and click on my download link again. Finaly compare hash (sha-256) of my exe, if it matches the one on my download page, then you are safe to use it. 

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