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Disconnect problem

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I have a problem and i would like to hear if someone else has had/have the same problem.

When i start the game or change server, i will get a disconnect after about 5 min. After this one disconnect, the game runs ok.

When i log in the fist time, i have a rather high ping 250ms. Normally i have about 20 – 30 ms and this also the ping i have on the logging screen after the disconnect.

I only get this problem after that i have installed the mods, so unmodded game no problem.

I have had for a time now so its not connect with any late patch or version of the mods.
I have tried and reinstall wot and add mods again but no differens.


I guess this is a local problem as i havent heard anyone else with the same problem.

But i anyone could give me a tip to what too look for, it would be helpful






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