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problem with non-xvm hitlog (multi hit log) doesn't match up

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The multi hit log under the section Non-XVM hitlogs the problem is during the game the WN8 will say for example wn8=13,806 and after the battle is over the WN8 in the Yasen Krasen will be totally a different WN8 like saying 7,301 so they don't match up. But also say during the game it would say WN8 on the top right is 7,201 and when the game is lost I go tback to the garage and yasen Krasen will say WN8 is 3,888 So I don't know why it would be so far off from during game to end game in announcments Yasen Krasen a whole different WN8????? I don't know if anybody else is noticing this?

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1 hour ago, Aslain said:

Was it ever showing you same WN8 in battle like in the garage?


btw. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/40724-about-the-problems-with-wn8/


WN8 is dying anyway so maybe start using something else, I'm using xTE since year now. It's different rating and works for me better than WN8.

it shows a different wn8 in battle and then when I win it shows from the same battle when I go to the garage a different WN8 ill put up some pics but first is during battle and next one is after win in garage WN8 and the WN8 is like 1000 lower but I got spotting and that also makes it higher so how come that's happening? Thanks for replying.


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