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Stuck at loading map screen

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At first I thought it's related to the Fjords map but it happened on other ones as well


I don't see the XVM patched loading screen. I see the regular vanilla one but no tanks. Just 2 empty slots with 2 tank silhouettes, one for each team.


After that it either crashes the client or it stays stuck indefinitely and I can press ESC and exit the battle.


As soon as the battle is over, I can play normally, until I get another map that won't load.



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I had a very similar issue twice today, and I have attached the logs. I was able to rejoin the game by alt-f4 and re-launching wot, but when I did, I didn't have much UI, and I will attach some screenshots I took of this. I will also attach the replay. When I try to watch the replay back I just get stuck at the loading screen again, but it is a blank loading screen with no tanks on it and a black background, the same one I got at the start of the original game. I also noticed that my gun sounds (which normaly are the Gnomefather ones from the pack) were neither the ones I normally use, nor the default sounds. I think it was using some of the older wot gun sounds, and I believe there is/are a certain tank/tanks that have bugged gun sounds that don't load properly, since I saw another person in another thread say the same thing happened to their sounds.









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