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top panels arent showing up WN8,Eff...etc also 2 other thigs

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The efficiency and WN8 and damage during battle on the top right corner of screen doesn't show up and was always there before the patch 9.20. also 2. Climbing navigator pathfinder is not working 3.the tracks & engine & extinguisher on T key doesn't work and didn't on the last patch either 4. Mini map tank view directions some other players tank work and some don't work on the map 5.also when hit alt and it tells everyone in battles damage during game.

Thanks doing good Aslain 

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1. WN8 in battle was removed because was not working

2. Climbing mod, try to use Trajectory for now, it works.

3. AAI+ yeah this mod wasn't updated yet, it was triggering AA on tanks but the rest might not work well

4. Minimap tank view - I must check it later today

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