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Game freezes randomly 9.20.0_09a

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I have had the same issue here on the EU servers and I don't think it is a mod causing it. I had the problem very soon after WG released 9.20 and before version 09 of the modpack.  But, I haven't had the problem regularly but very sporadically.  Maybe once every 50-75 battles or so.  There are some reports of this on the EU forums, so it may be a bug in the game client.

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Hmmmmm, interesting. See, my main problem is that everything was fine after the 9.20 patch on NA up until the 09 modpack. The last modpack I installed was 06 because I was on vacation for the other versions. I reverted to 06 and will let you know if the issues continue.




I guess I had to install a windows update, and that solved the issue.

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Guys, you're not the only ones, I noticed the same issue. It just happens in 9.20, doesn't matter if any modpack is installed. I was so frustrated that I decided to reinstall game client. It looks like the problem is less frequent but still exists. I'm pretty sure WG f**ked up something again.

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