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Aiming Recital goes haywire randomly. Plus random crashes

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It doesn't happen every game but it's happening more then not and it is there from the very start of the game. if I try to aim up even a little bit the aiming circle will point what looks to be straight down or point blank. When I try to zoom in it goes totally crazy flipping out all over my screen sometimes, or just disappears all together only leaving me with the hud to aim with and guess when I'm fully aimed apparently I'm getting random crashes as well. 


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So I found the Mod, it was the zoom mod I was using. I normally use the 2-4-8-16 zoom but decided to move up one to the 2-4-8-16-30. When I removed the 30 zoom and went back to the 16, it fixed itself. The crashes might of been on my end, however they aren't happening anymore either since I went back to the zoom mod. 

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