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No rust Mod

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To be honest I have had very same impression recently, I asked the person who is close to that mod maker and he said, that not all ships are covered by the mod, but still...


I will check it further and decide on what to do with this mod.

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So I redownloaded the mod and it...sort of works? Now, instead of the rust, the paint merely looks like someone did a horrible job painting them. I guess they would work better with the "No camo" mods installed as well? I have a screenshot showing what I mean.

Paint issues.jpg

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I tried the no rust mod 10 days ago and this was what I got.  Don't have the logs, I uninstalled it with the latest update.  If you have the mod installed, you can clearly see that some ships do get that nice camo, some get a semi camo, and other don't get any love ( German DDs specifically ).  You can check ship camo from the tech tree ( ships don't have to be researched or purchased ).  Will test again after 6.13 drops, since I got my pensacola  in my port now.




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Tested that mod again today, and it works in general. If you don't like the effect don't install it. Author of this mod is from Taiwan or something, and I have no way to communicate with him to ask for things or report a bug.


Also keep in mind that this mod is pretty heavy (up to 2GB) so there is increased chance that something may fail during downloading it, and the effect of it might be missing no rust skins on certain nations.  (1 packed file per nation). 

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Soo a few things.


I got this working perfectly....but not from Aslains.


The original mod is sourced here - https://forum.gamer.com.tw/C.php?page=1&bsn=21052&snA=7791&tnum=68


You DO need to change two of the xml files to make them work on NA...


And it seems to require a 'base' which is what changes the camouflage.xml file to make it actually work with the mod....


And yes - you lose ALL camo visibility when you use this mod - but that's fine as the ships look incredibly good.


What isn't fine though is that with the mod installed the game sometimes just crashes - and that's just with the mod.


I do wish I could make it work reliably - but the crashing is an absolute deal breaker no matter how amazing the ships look.


If someone could figure out WHY it crashes that'd be great, but I totally can't.....

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