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XVM minimap settings and extended zoom not working for me since v4.0.20

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first of all, i love the mod and thanks for the good work and constant development :)

unfortunately i have a serious issue since first install of new version 4.0.20. i loved to use the gun traverse lines with the arty and the extended zoom for normal gun (60x). neither of them still work for me. i have just normal zoom for cannon and no angles shown on the minimap (can't see when my gun will jump out of aim).

jimbo crosshair, goha.ru hitbox and webium contour icons still work!?!


here is what i have done to resolve the issues:


- reinstall version 4.0.20 and recheck all the checkboxes and radio buttons if checked (still not work)

- reinstall version 4.0.20 with clear DLC (still not work)

- install version 4.0.19 again with clear DLC (still not work)

- install version 4.0.20 again with clear DLC AND clear WOT cache (still not work)


now i don't know what to do further :(


i attached the logs as well, hope you can help me :)



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thx so much for pushing me in the right direction! i deactivated the real time scanner of my av during installation and everything works proper again now. they seem to have changed something with the latest updates, so i have to do this. keep up the good work and thanks again :)

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