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Spooky XVM issues

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G'day Aslain and friends. Just trying to solve an issue I have in regards to XVM settings. Basically, no matter what I select in the installer, the settings are unchanged from the defaults or some other configuration. I'll attach the necessary zip folder, the xvm log, and a few images of the interface. Been trying to fix this myself but my head hurts, and it's 4 am hahaha. Cheers.



worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-03-00-28.jpg

worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-03-02-01.jpg

worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-04-36-50.jpg

worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-04-44-39.jpg

worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-08-17-58.jpg

worldoftanks 2017-10-30 02-08-50-23.jpg

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