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[Future Updates] Texture-Loaded Ambient Occlusion (A Modder's Legacy)

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Sadly ever since WG proposed the further use of ReShade, I retired from the game. But I will be leaving behind a legacy, if anyone is willing to do it.



-Paint.net (with addons packs and scriptlab installed), the scriptlab is intended as an alternative to bulk processing which paint.net doesnt have, it will not apply the configuration to all images but will allow saving config presets.

-WoWs GUI Unpacker (aslain should have it)

-A Little bit of patience


0. Use my previus version as referrence if your having a hard time.

1. Open up the wows unpacker and load the contents

2. The unpacker can extract files based on what file extensions you like, for this instance we are looking for .dds files

3. Extract the .dds files

4. Go to the folder in which the files were extracted, to make things easier you need to use your windows's search function.

5. We are looking for ambient occlusion files, they always come with this pattern (FileName_ao.dds), if you want you can delete all non AO files for easy modding, but just in case you want to mod separate textures its better to keep them all.

6. I recommend changing the file view to lists and sort by name
7. Paint.net can only handle a mouthfull of files, so dont try and highlight them all and put em in pain.net it will crash it.

8. This next part is mostly a player's own taste, make it dark or make it sharp, it doesnt matter, its your mod, you make it.

9. Once everything is finised, make sure to save it as .dds with DXT5.

**I am getting deployed next year, If I do return alive and WG approves of ReShade use, then my return shall be inevitable**
-PFC Bacani, 1-294th IN REGT Assistant Gunner, US Army: Guam National Guard

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Thanks for posting this guide :)

(Made me learn about something new with Paint.net)

It sucks about ReShade - but I can see why they're doing it - since the cheat programs has a similar behavior, injecting themselves into the game. :(

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