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Bino's not showing on mini map

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I am not sure if this correct area to post in


But on the mini map does the extended view for Bino's not show up anymore?  ( I think it was the view range when stationary circle)


Or is it something to with WOT - I think it was working before the Halloween event?


It does not seem to come in standard WOT (safe mode - nod mods) either



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Make sure you have the correct selection checked in the installer.  Personally I use Dynamic Range, as it shows your view range when stationary as well as view range while moving...just not at the same time....it expands and contracts accordingly to the view range at the moment...with binocs activated/without etc.

If you have something selected in the installer and it is not working, please include your logs and someone will help you sort it out.



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Ok re-installed Aslain and the bino's extended ring does not seem to work on mini map


So me the prob is Aslain or should i say how i have installed it 


Anyone got any ideas?


I think I have partially solved prob as just not using any of the portion of Aslain's mini map section


All seem to be working well therefore via Standard WOT settings


Weird as I think I am the only one who has a prob with this?

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