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  1. [Help] what option i must take

    just use the core and beta addon, nothing else
  2. WOT Tweaker

    got it thanks Aslain
  3. WOT Tweaker

    I selected WOT Tweaker in install options but cant find the app, where is it located ?
  4. Gun reload sound

    Is it possible to make this work without XVM ? Its the one that says "UP"
  5. gun reload sound

    thanks Aslain
  6. gun reload sound

    Where does the gun reload sound file get installed ?, i loaded mods manually and they all work except that one. Its the one that says "UP" i did manually to troubleshoot a lag issue and am trying to narrow problem down
  7. XVM

    worked good thanks guys
  8. XVM

    ok thanks but cant see how to switch login on the xvm site
  9. XVM

    I have 2 WOT accounts on 1 PC, xvm only works on 1 of them. all mods work fine except for xvm stats. where do i copy the files to?
  10. Crash to desktop after battle finishes

    the installer settings/options
  11. Crash to desktop after battle finishes

    same here starting to wonder if its a patch issue
  12. Crosshair Mods

    the fancy blue from pmod dont work, try the "awful" tanker blue it works good
  13. Loader voice

    it is there i use the "UP" also
  14. Wn8 Carousel issue

    i had this happen a few times , restarting client fixed it