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  1. ColubrineDeuce

    XVM color issues, how to change?

    Thanks. Aslain did add them to the Preview option in the modpack, and yeah that is it. Its not really what I am looking for though, nor is any of the color options, now that I can see in the modpack. Though I might add I don't remember 54% being blue back in the day at least. But all in all it isn't too bad. And yes, that is the way I understood it, .51 rounds up the color and percent displayed.
  2. ColubrineDeuce

    XVM color issues, how to change?

    Ok, thank you. And yeah, so I guess there isn't one that has 53-54 as dark green? Not sure who at 61% thinks they are blue either. I have ran into this before, players think my scale is bunk because they look blue when they should be purple. Likewise, 53% shouldn't be blue as far as I have ever known. Though at least now I understand it better, so thanks for that. Thanks CD
  3. ColubrineDeuce

    XVM color issues, how to change?

    Ok, so color is just dependent on this section; Given there is no preview panel, is there a way to know which are which so that I don't have to guess and do trial by error? I guess this is what I was getting at, it seems like I have tried almost all of these over the 2 years I have used your pack, and I can't seem to just get the aforementioned color scale. 51-52% light green, 53-54 green, 55-56 light blue, 57-58 blue. If you could just tell me what scale that is, I would very much appreciate it. Thanks!
  4. I keep trying out different player panels, because essentially I don't think that 57% WR and 8k+ Eff should be displayed as green, but it does. There is a slight problem with the "Preview" option in the installer in that its sample, the win rates of the sample are 53% and below, so I am not sure if it even will work to change the colors. Here; I tried a different players panel just as an example, but that doesn't seem to change the colors, not the way if I choose quickybabies set which those colors seemed a bit off as well. I was thinking 51-52 light green 53-54 green 55-56 light blue-ish 57-58 blue 59-60 light purple and so on. I usually leave players panels unchecked, though I use solos OTM recently which seems to be closer to what they should be. Thanks for your help!
  5. ColubrineDeuce

    New patch, can I save the config file?

    Ok, I got it to work this time. I backed up the file from the current config to, just in case it doesn't take. I will also screenshot my config to assure the accuracy, which is what came to me during this discussion.... Part of the trouble, as I have asked a similar question before, is that I have a SSD that I had to move WOT from because of limited space, and in that move, I think that where it moved the files, it was confusing about where to look for the files and such. Which it was looking on my other HDD to which I had it installed previously. So, we shall see. Thanks again.
  6. ColubrineDeuce

    New patch, can I save the config file?

    Basically, what I am talking about, is when new patches drop, the preferences you have from the previous patch have holes in them because not all of the mods are there, and you go without them, and then the configuration changes, and it is changed for good, until you happen to look at the installer again and re-select the mods once they are updated. Which can be hit or miss, in my experience of using Aslain's installer for almost two years now. It is always the same problem, though it intensified as of late, as they changed scripts and many mods didn't work. The whole point is that I am tired of having different mods every single patch, unless I get lucky. I don't understand in detail the Aslain's part of the installer, and I always seem to get different configurations every time I have to re-select mods. So, I was hoping there would be a way to back up my current set up, so that I can try to make them work maybe this next patch, or the patch after that, etc. But if that is too much to ask, that is fine to. I always manage either way.
  7. ColubrineDeuce

    New patch, can I save the config file?

    Its a complete new windows system, complete new WOT client, complete new Aslain's installer. I had just saved some of the Aslian's files out of my old WOT client so that hopefully it would remember my previous config. But it didn't work, I had to individually select each option in the installer again, like it was a fresh install. But, lets say I load up Aslain's right now, it will have a memory of what I selected yesterday, which I figured is some kind of config file. I know about that LOAD program but honestly I just don't understand it. I tried it several times and never got it to work. For world of tanks your preferences are stored in the roaming app data folder, I am not certain if that is a transferable file either. But that is in essence what I am getting at. Thanks
  8. Especially as of late, when a new patch drops, there is compatibility issues with mods. I wonder, is there a way I could copy and save the file of the the config I have now, because it is perfect, for later, so that if it doesn't translate, I can always roll back in a few days? I tried doing this yesterday with a fresh windows, and WOT client install, but apparently the aslain's files I copied didn't work. Good luck on the new patch work! Thanks
  9. ColubrineDeuce

    Modpack 9.15.00 garage loading bug

    Yeah, it is the Vbaddict. The worst part is that I removed all and did it one by one, but vbaddict is the last one. lol
  10. ColubrineDeuce

    Are there any Tank Spotted Mods?

    Bump As I have seen one, it came with a bell and shows it on the right side, but I can't find it. There was another in blue but it hasn't been live since 9.8.
  11. ColubrineDeuce

    In game WN8 calculator Request

    Can you tell me what it is named? I keep missing it.
  12. ColubrineDeuce

    In game WN8 calculator Request

    Sorry if it is already part of the pack. http://mirtankov.net/mods/11967-calculator-effectivnosti-v-boy-world-of-tanks.html
  13. ColubrineDeuce

    Potentially blocked damage

    Oh yes me too! Great for the Missions!
  14. ColubrineDeuce

    Modpack scrolling loses last settings

    Yeah, a simple solution would be not to forget. lol
  15. ColubrineDeuce

    Modpack scrolling loses last settings

    I have a bad habit of hovering over the scroll down bar and using my mouse wheel in order to jump down, and that actually switches my top bar from "Custom Instillation" to "Recommended...." and whatever my last set up was it gets erased when it flips over. So I then have to take my time and re-set it up when all that I want to do is update my config most times, hoping that I don't miss something (which I often do) but am kind of intimated by the whole updating thing because that often happens that I avoid updating it until I absolutely have to. So, I was wanting to request that it either have some kind of way so that when you scroll from the beginning that it doesn't auto move the instillation options as that would really be for first time users only. Or perhaps some button to let you restore it to your last configured settings. Or perhaps you could save a file in which is stores your settings perhaps? I just remembered what I usually do which is just close it out and re-open it if I accidentally do that. But I was just thinking perhaps this might make it more user friendly, so perhaps I should leave the feedback anyway. Regardless, thanks a ton for your hard work and wonderful assistant!

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