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  1. I posted in another thread, cross-posting here... Same issue. python.log
  2. Same here... random game crashes... computer tries to restart client repeatedly... the only way back into game is to use safe mode from the launcher. python.log
  3. Donated a bit. Thanks Aslain!
  4. Uh-LEV-en Good day to ya in Scotland!
  5. I believe the yellow numbers indicate the amount of damage remaining needed to get the High Caliber medal for the battle.
  6. Thanks, Aslain! You're a champ!
  7. Yes, the presence of the bulb tells you that they are using XMPQ. If the bulb is gray with a slash, they have XMPQ but no sixth sense. If the bulb is yellow, they have sixth sense and are spotted. If someone with XMPQ clicks on the minimap, it shows an orange dot exactly where they clicked, as well as flashing the whole square. They can also draw lines, circles, or arrows on the map.
  8. If you bring up the details of the Norton warning, you have the option to white-list the file (always allow it to run). That's what I did. I also always right-click on the installer and choose "Run as Administrator" to give it enough permissions to change files, etc.
  9. It stopped working with the 9.17 update... they repaired it and it's available again. I like to keep it open on my second monitor (next to Teamspeak) and plug in the tank just before I drop into battle to see how the chosen tank compares to its class at its tier, and to remind me about how I want to play that tank (brawler, sniper, gun depression, speed, armor, etc.).
  10. Thanks... and I did a stealth edit to say that the standard Grandorf icons worked fine. Thanks, guys!
  11. Grandorf's Icons not downloading... and my Norton choked over the nested folder re-namer for the first time tonight ETA: Grandorf's standard icons downloaded fine, and I white-listed the nested folder re-namer so it loaded without any problems.
  12. I finally figured it out.... I was seeing my lightbulb markers, and occasionally another player's indicator, but no fire or flip markers... but the answer is that there are not many players on NA using XMPQ, and those that are using it are not the ones burning or flipping!
  13. Try the vertical tree... it has the option to show additional tanks to the side.
  14. Sorry to resurrect this old thread, but which of the XMQP notifications are being displayed with Aslain's version of XVM? I have not yet seen any notification about spotted allies, overturned vehicles, or which of my allies has XMQP loaded. ETA: I have it selected in XVM's settings and installed with the modpack.
  15. Thanks for the very quick reply!