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  1. It may be possible that Aslain's modpack already includes a fix for this... doesn't he have a Res_Mods folder-renaming routine built in? I'll wait and see what happens next week, and fix it if necessary.
  2. From Rita's Blog:
  3. I'm glad it worked.
  4. I think that is a font issue. Try deleting all fonts (in Windows) that have "XVM" in the font name, and then reload the mod pack.
  5. You can still find the outdated clan icon file on Curse... some clan icons have changed since then, but they work. Make sure that you use the Aslains_Custom_mods folder so they update each time you update the modpack. Oops, just saw that you're on the Asia server... If you are only interested in seeing your clan-mates' clan icon, you could only place your icon there... also use the custom mods folder to keep them appearing.
  6. Little more sent... thank you!
  7. Thanks, Aslain!
  8. Aslain, when you get a chance, could you remove the silly "lemming train" scripts from the radial menu? I start to type, accidentally hit the enter key, and as I continue typing, I'm spamming silly messages. I know I've edited the scripts file before, but I'm SURE that I'm not the only one with this request. Thank you. Edited to add: Can you also make an option to remove the automatic text spam when reloading with the "C" key? If I need to let my team know I'm reloading, I can use the radial menu. Logs attached.
  9. Here's the link to the colors.xc file from WotLabs: Here's the most current scale, found at I'm also finding I thought that they round win-rate to whole numbers, so a 48.51% win-rate is displayed as yellow, but a 48.49% win-rate is displayed as orange, but looking at the colors.xc file, it looks like that information may be outdated. I'll have to check it in game..
  10. Use the carousel selector to choose the other 4 tank types.
  11. BTT Thanks again, Aslain for your quick work preparing the modpack for the new version!
  12. That simply sounds like lag... do you have a Debug Panel installed? They have better visual indicators to show when you are lagging or have packet loss.
  13. If you are aimed at the enemy tank, you get the "attacking this tank" notification. If you aim at the ground next to the tank, you display the splash circle notification. ... but I'm fairly sure that the splash notification is a generic circle, and not variable due to the arty shell and its splash diameter.
  14. I think it's a feature. You can also see them fading in and out while looking at allies at battle start. I think the program is trying to show them when they are most useful, and fading them out when they will distract you.
  15. Thanks for your hard work, Aslain... we do appreciate it.