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  1. The damage mod got updated in Hakabase v4, the mod works now! :-D
  2. okey. Hopefully it can be resolved at some point.
  3. That message is at 11:37 in the replay if needed. Nothing to do with white text, it's the mod in the chat. The carrier icon after his ship and before his nickname isn't there.
  4. Really like this MOD. But There are some issues with it. Like Carriers don't have an icon in the chat so it's just a big blank space. Anything you can do to fix it or do you need an update from AutoSpy?
  5. So been googling and checking other sites for an working and updated Damage Meter.. None of them work. Heard anything on when there is a new version? Anything you can do Aslain to update it?
  6. just don't installed the chat mods, works better without mods for it. But tried to find out why the Damage Mod doesn't work.. and still no solution.. Tried from WG Modpack, still unable to run it.
  7. I really like this MOD, please include it!
  8. So needed to edit a lot of stuff for it to work.... Can you check these files Aslain? These edits to these files makes the other version of the damage mod work for me. Added screenshot with these settings, and works now! battle_layout.xml battle_elements.xml USSExpressionsLoader.xml DamageMeter.xml
  9. Yeah it's weird... Not that I NEED the mod that badly, but worked flawlessly in the previous patch. But yeah..
  10. the clock is working, but not the damage log. Aslain, are you sure that you and I have the same version. That there is no different version from the installer etc? Because if the clock works, so should the damage.
  11. what the crap... removed res and res_mods.. did do a clean install of the modpack, removed cache and still no damage log... Should see the damage caused to ship: 0 at the beginning.. but I don't have it.
  12. hm... odd, remove the mods and do integrity check again then..
  13. Did remove it, but as I said.. the game, the mods or whatever didn't create a new _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf. Which is not my problem, did do a clean install, deleted cache. Did try ProShips and WG MOdpack, they doesn't display the Damage log either in-game.
  14. No. Shouldn't have to remove it when I do a clean install of the modpack. Deleting the file, didn't help at all.. and the game or the settings from the mod didn't create another _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf Either the installer is messed up or the mod is broken. Because there is no Damage Log working in the new patch.
  15. So here is the reinstalled with the newly logs. But the mod still doesn't work.