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  1. Okey I will try it out. Don't think it looks blurry, might be some settings that does it or blur the quality. But doesn't matter eitherway, the issue is FPS stutter and low FPS. Even 7700K, 64GB and two 1080's in SLI doesn't help at all... hopefully DX11 will fix it.
  2. Don't know which file(s) to edit and check if it works. If I do that, Aslain will NOT add two different resolution 1080p and 1440p. Things don't get blurry when 1440p or 4K.. Have you tried, because it's pretty clear and unblurry.
  3. Screenshot takes the native resolution if I set it in the background, If I want it to take 4K it can, but it runs at 1440p. No things doesn't look blurry.
  4. Have a 4K monitor yes, but run WoWs at 1440p and same with the desktop in borderless. So it doesn't run in 4K.
  5. Okey, so make a comment on the MOD, saying it only works for 1080p Resolution. Too bad tho.. would have liked one for 1440p...
  6. Sooooo let's try this again..... Your MODPACK only! Compass mod doesnt work as intended, hence should be fixed.
  7. as long as they dont overwrite your battle_layout etc... it doesnt matter
  8. I cant provide logs since I use multiple mods, and installing different things. So providing logs wouldnt matter. But this issue should be fixed either way.. been like this for months..
  9. sooo, any chance of fixing this?
  10. Why do I always have this issue, been in previous versions also... The controls are displayed over the abilities. Is it a resolution thing or haven't you updated it?
  11. If you use 2 rows it's displayed correctly.. 4 or 4, you get a display bug. _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log nvm, worked deleting cache and getting a newer file.. was a different version in the cache folder.
  12. Looks like I found it... Atmaxx New Shark Icon, found out where I got it from. Any change you can include them?
  13. Then there is BADoBEST V2 compability issues, because I have the same exact mods just replaced with Hakabase V1. Screenshot is Hakabase V1, btw you get the top bar either way, works just fine. Don't need BADoBEST V2 for it to work.
  14. I'm talking about Player Panels. When using BADoBEST v2 before back in like a 5 month ago you could have contour icons displayed and not be mirrored. Now I got really sick of this bug, so I installed Hakabase V1 Player Panel, overwritten BADoBEST V2 from Aslain's MOD Pack... and it works properly now. Hakabase V1 and BADoBEST v2 are the same panels.. so therefor I can't fathom why this isn't a bug on BADoBEST's panel mod.. They display the same and do the same, it's either the coding or the team_structure.xml or ext_fonts.swf that fixes the display problem. I have been mixing MODs a lot for many months now and don't have any issues. Just configure the battle_layout and USSExpressionsLoader and it works.
  15. It's a bug, worked many patches ago.. so it's intended to NOT be mirrored..