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  1. Compact Quick Commands Panel by AutoSpy

    Tried using it, and was displayed in english for me.
  2. I know this was kind of a spam-fest in the request section.. but hopefully it can be added at some point.
  3. Brightness MODs (Ship icons/upgrades/commander++)

    Sure I could do that, but will not the folder be deleted if you delete cache and previous mods? Only thing I can re-use is the upgrades and consumables, because those aren't updated much.
  4. Compact Quick Commands Panel by AutoSpy

    Well it already works :-) And shouldn't take any implementation actually. He uses the same config from ProShips. <!-- <element name="quickCommandHelpPanel_h" class="QuickCommandHelpPanelHUD_h" url="quick_commands.swf"/> --> <element name="quickCommandHelpPanel_v" class="QuickCommandHelpPanelHUD_v" url="quick_commands.swf"/>
  5. So I enjoy these mods so much, and getting tired of copying these things every patch. Hopefully Aslain has the capacity to include Mebius_LW mods! Bright ship icons in port Bright upgrade icons Commander awards Bright achievement icons Bright consumables
  6. Really like this mod that is on ProShips and see that Aslain has the configured Battle_Elements make it even easier to implement it! :-)
  7. I have no idea really, if ReShade hooks then sure.. But I don't know what WG are planning to do, maybe they only allow basic MODs from now on. Hopefully they will give out a list of approved mods, including downscaled texture packs etc. At some point they will include texture packs, and if there is no proper information you might not get unbanned.
  8. Don't use any Texture or any game changing MODs etc until there is a clear list on what's legal to use! Remove any texture packs and other stuff that affect's core function of the game. https://forum.worldofwarships.com/topic/138894-message-from-the-na-publishing-team-regarding-the-recent-bans/
  9. MODs doesnt work properly in

    he he yeah, didn't bitch about give me modpack now :-D Just a heads up, and yet again you are fast.. thanks for being such a awesome person!
  10. So WG pushed a new update, and changed the scripts file. Tried to copy the old file, but made the game crash. MODpack needs to be updated. https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/updates/brimful-of-dasha/
  11. Played 6 games now with MINIMAL mods.. and no crashes.. Think the mods in the new patch is the cause! Once I use mods with HP panels etc, the game crashes... ----------------------[ Ship Contour Icons ]------------------------------------ by hakabase hakabase: standard ---------------------[ Mods sharing hud_lib.swf file ]------------------------------ Battle GUI customization Ribbon Badges Ribbons v4 Detection Markers ----------------------[ The Minimap mods ]---------------------------------------- Minimap with ship names Display customized minimap circles Display target direction lines ---------------------------[ Port mods ]------------------------------------------- Better ship icons on compact carousel [with filters] Clear Vision Colored Radio location marker radio location: white with red triangle Ribbons Move Ribbons to the center Alt Hud Navigator Navigator: centered Mouse pointers
  12. yeah it's strange. It's only Warships I have issues with, Six Siege, Battlefield, World of Warcraft.. no issues there whatsoever. I'll try DX9 again and see if that helps.
  13. Fresh Warships install with the old Launcher... My game just crashes all the time! After installing the entire game again with the modpack right after the installation.. Still my damage meter and markers wont display. This is annoying AF!
  14. Yeah I know..... Reinstalling, replacing every file per modpack each update.. It's exhausting and my game crashes even more now with the DX11 crap, and mods not working properly. Only thing that changed is I'm using DX11, when using DX9 my mods weren't a issue. Would usually work in the next iteration of the modpacks. disabled everything in AVG.. software analyze, doesnt change anything and still my game crashes with damage indi and monstromarkers still not working. Using scripts from ProShips didn't help either.. so I have no clue. Also get more frequent crashes now... hm this shit game!
  15. Haven't had any issues running 1440p or 2160p, a few patches ago, everything worked even tho at 1440p. Resolution shouldn't be the cause of mods not working. As Aslain pointed out to me a while back is that ¨Move GUI elements¨ doesnt scale other than default 1080p.