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  1. It works, suggest removing all mods and reinstall. If you use mods from other packs also you need to add one by one.
  2. Been a user of Warships modpack for quite some time, and always used Aslain's pack. I really appreciate your hard work and if there are others working on maintaining the updates etc. I really like the mod community and always check other people's work, using so many things from so many modpacks. Also wanted to say thanks for adding requested stuff to the modpack, even though this will require more work and time. Either way, thanks for keeping Aslain Modpack #1 modpack to go to!
  3. Would like to see this in action, also make it in English.
  4. Display campaign tasks and progression. This is really awesome, couldn't get it to merge with all my other MODs yet.
  5. This MOD you can alter which icons you wanna see, you can chose them in-game without exiting. You can change which one at the top right (eye icon).
  6. It's still being updated in the WG MODpack, but hate to edit these things every patch. Can you include this in the MODpack?
  7. Any idea if you will include it?
  8. Dont know the proper translation for it, but it has been updated in ProShips a long time. It a different Radio Location Perk marker which is way better. Wonder if you can add this to the selection. - Сектор пеленга "Указатель"
  9. Macro isn't allowed in the game, and for MOD to send messages is probably not allowed.
  10. Did the same thing. Got it working now, but not by removing mods.. By reinstalling the modpack. Which I find very odd, must have been some installing issues.
  11. Any idea where the issue is?
  12. It shows all three labels, but doesn't give any calculation on damage taken and dealt. Numbers and main gun etc. Have all the files you provide in the installer, and adding other mods accordingly with no issues. Problem is there is some flaw in the code for the Damage Panel.
  13. Tried your version and ModCom, can't get the taken and done to show the numbers. This MOD needs to be updated so it registers the damage. worked in the last patch when last updated
  14. They are updated in Modcom pack so... they are not outdated.
  15. Any chance you can add these into your pack? Or isn't there a way to gather them easily?