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  1. The contour icons are Hakabase's Historical has always worked for me because I get this mod fully updated. When there was a time when the icons didnt work from Aslain, I got it to work from other places.
  2. Master Port Collection can't be downloaded...
  3. You are talking about PT... The is not on LIVE servers. Why bring up PT related stuff that has no MOD support?
  4. So in the installer description it said you could change the position of the damage logger.. but can't find what section to edit. Looking for X, Y but I only see pixel.. Any help? :-D Just for the sake of saving time, if anyone can tell me bottom left corner near the compass.. would appreciate it! :-)
  5. Most of those comments are either troll or just ignorance.. Been using those mods + a lot more and I'm not banned or have been told otherwise. Navigator, Running Lights etc are perfectly legal! These ONLY helps you to know if they turn etc or adjusting speed. MODs that are considered banned are cheats, where you get a 80%-100% prediction on where to aim etc. If the MODs you have requires some skill to handle, they are not banned from using.
  6. aha.. wasn't an issue last update And also the minimap.. but thanks will do as told
  7. Unable to hit the wheel on the panel to open the settings. Also the minimap is creating some weird issue with the range numbers, it's not displayed. Please fix these issues.
  8. You can change that in the config... From API_VERSION = 'API_v1.0' print 'SmokeDurationCounter loaded' from smoke import time as SmokeTime import Keys smokeType = None smokeSlot = -1 smokeCounterCreated = False battleStarted = False layout = 'QWERTY' noInput = False
  9. Been looking for this and know many wants it.
  10. I really like using the new BADoBEST panel, found it at ProShips.. can you include the latest one in your MOD? :-) LINK
  11. I really love MODs for this game, and there seems to be many different edits to them. Possible to always all the commands or the protocols so it's easy to add other MODs over the folder?
  12. Hi. So I missed some MODs and it's updated.. but can't get it to work with Aslain's files.. Tried adding extra from the battle_elements.. but I don't know if this is causing the issue. Also tried to use the battle_layout from Aslain's pack, but doesn't seem to help. Looks like the issue is battle_elements, anyone who knows how to fix this? battle_elements battle_layout
  13. I really miss these mods.. :-D Gotten the newest updated Panel with the rating system from Monstrofil, but the battle_elements doesn't match yours so it messes thing up a bit :-) - added Detailed Damage Indicator [read mod description!]- added Player's Panel with HP bars + stats (by monstrofil) [read mod description!] [I'm not sure if stats are limited to RU only]
  14. logs only show installed mods, had the same mods just excluded v3.. doesn't tell where the issue is. hence why I didn't include them.
  15. Used Haka v3 panel... were unable to enter the battle.. should be looked at. And on that note, could be the other revisions that has this issue also.