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  1. Any chance to include this? I can't seem to make it fit the element files etc. Panel_Hakabase3.bmp
  2. Anyone have the audio files for Shiratsuyu? Or know how to extract them?
  3. I had installed a fresh Warships and still the carousel looks funny. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  4. Battlenat0r

    Assign Commander to trained Ship (Montrofil)

    Okey, thought the mod was basic implementation of PnFMods.. But if it's to time consuming and takes time to implement.. I understand if it's not a priority. Thanks for letting me know.
  5. I really wanted this for a while... Aslain, is it possible for you to add this into your modpack?
  6. Before the panel change in 7.4, you could change the panel position vertically, why is this removed, and when will it come back?
  7. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    maybe incompatibility, remove your mods and run score counter by it self.
  8. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    Have you tried to install all your mods with smoke counter and remove your preferences.xml file? I know that the preferences files can cause problems, and I had to delete mine many times. Try deleting or moving preferences, and see if it still happens. I have no issues running it with my mods, list your mods, there may be some more comparability problems.
  9. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    Awesome, thank you for your hard work!
  10. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    there is no _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf created in my folder at all, have a old one from 18th of January. Still happens with only the timer counter installed.
  11. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    Ship Type overlap Tier and some of Ship Name. Tried removing Type and the end there, would help, but rather have it fixed to work as normal. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  12. Battlenat0r

    Score timer by Ancient

    There is a double counter, one under the score where it should be.. but there is also a counter top left.. that is not doing anything. It doesn't work and needs to be removed, blocking FPS counter. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  13. Battlenat0r

    Include the old gold cursor also?

    well you remove the old cursor and replaced it with an upgraded one.
  14. Battlenat0r

    Include the old gold cursor also?

    I didn't like the new cursor you added and you remove the normal gold one. Any chance you can include that to? It's the older version of m0nstertr4x.
  15. Battlenat0r

    Why add Twitch port in the modpack?

    Don't see the needs to add it in a modpack, since 1% of the community uses Twitch Prime. And many of them don't use mods. Many of those Premium ports have been added to it's free-for-all, this Twitch port isn't. And if people want it, they can get it on the forum etc. As far as I can remember, there isn't any other mod in the modpack that requires Premium status or any other requirements to use a specific mod.

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