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  1. If I dont want the X marker, is it possible to change it a circle, triangle etc?
  2. So before you fixed v3 Panel, ship isons isn't displayed on the loading screen. Now it's only showing friendly team ship icons. Is there a issue with Custom Loading Screen and HakaBase v3 panel, or does the HP panel requires another update? shot-18.10.03_11.42.29-0296.bmp Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  3. Battlenat0r

    MatchMaking Monitor and Replays

    its a Steam issue. Try this: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19060/
  4. Hm, might try it again... EDIT: NOPE, installed again and deleted cache folder... still the same. Changing the name of dock.xml... problem is gone! The mod isnt working properly for me.
  5. Carousel looks funny in port, meaning its not updated properly. Detection Markers is displayed but so it the default ! Detected icon too. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  6. Its random crashes, its either in port, in battle or start of a battle. No idea if its torpedo, range finder, Zeiss Camera, Compact Carousel, Fire frame, Score Timer, Damage Panel, Chat or Regen Assistant is causing the crashes. Had installed every mod last patch, I had no issues WHATSOEVER... Now its really bad and game crashes to error dialog.
  7. Please tell me the stupid mod that makes my game crash.. and notify the mod developer. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  8. Battlenat0r

    When can we see a crash free modpack?

    I found the reason, boot screen is conflicting with my HP panel too. And Hakabase added a fix for it I see. # Advanced Boot Screen conflicted with Haka Panel V3 - fixed
  9. I cant locate my faulty mods and too tired to test everything... But these crashes are insane and mod makers have dropped the ball this patch.... _Aslains_Installer.log _Aslains_Installer_CompList.log
  10. Battlenat0r

    Most mods not working on 7.8 update.

    Many of the mods crashes the game like hard crashes... My regular mods just dont work in 7.8.... python.log
  11. Any chance to include this? I can't seem to make it fit the element files etc. Panel_Hakabase3.bmp
  12. Anyone have the audio files for Shiratsuyu? Or know how to extract them?
  13. I had installed a fresh Warships and still the carousel looks funny. Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  14. Battlenat0r

    Assign Commander to trained Ship (Montrofil)

    Okey, thought the mod was basic implementation of PnFMods.. But if it's to time consuming and takes time to implement.. I understand if it's not a priority. Thanks for letting me know.
  15. I really wanted this for a while... Aslain, is it possible for you to add this into your modpack?

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