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  1. Then there is BADoBEST V2 compability issues, because I have the same exact mods just replaced with Hakabase V1. Screenshot is Hakabase V1, btw you get the top bar either way, works just fine. Don't need BADoBEST V2 for it to work.
  2. I'm talking about Player Panels. When using BADoBEST v2 before back in like a 5 month ago you could have contour icons displayed and not be mirrored. Now I got really sick of this bug, so I installed Hakabase V1 Player Panel, overwritten BADoBEST V2 from Aslain's MOD Pack... and it works properly now. Hakabase V1 and BADoBEST v2 are the same panels.. so therefor I can't fathom why this isn't a bug on BADoBEST's panel mod.. They display the same and do the same, it's either the coding or the team_structure.xml or ext_fonts.swf that fixes the display problem. I have been mixing MODs a lot for many months now and don't have any issues. Just configure the battle_layout and USSExpressionsLoader and it works.
  3. It's a bug, worked many patches ago.. so it's intended to NOT be mirrored..
  4. They are correct displayed now, with Hakabase files. Those that we get from the mod pack of Aslain is mirroring the icons.
  5. So seems like the BADoBEST Panels still have the mirrored bug on the right side (enemy team).. This is quite annoying.. But installing Hakabase Panel.. it solves it.. think the team_structure file isn't configured properly. Can you look into this? These are different from each other.. and would like to have it working with all Live Panels. Using Hakabase Panels.. fixes this issue.. team_structure.xml ext_fonts.swf
  6. Miss the logs as well.. hopefully it will return soon
  7. Got it from which is GP Modcom or Proships pack.. I have no idea, but never seen Haka with those icons.
  8. In 0.5.15 version I got some hands on some sweet icons.. and don't know where they are from. And if you can include them in your modpack?
  9. They are in the MOD pack except Cobra, just with a different marker.. Mebius has two of them.. Remember that many of the mods are almost the same.
  10. Really like to mix it up with these, can you add some or possibly all into you MOD Pack?мод-телеграф-20-индикатор-скорости-и-поворот/
  11. I really like this MOD, but by testing it... I had a lot of issues, disconnects etc. Hope this will be added to your MOD Pack! EDIT: This line needs to be added into USSExpressionsLoader, or it doesnt work. Did get some help from Haka. <file path="../unbound/flash/Header_shiplist.swf"/>мод-трюм-рей/
  12. The contour icons are Hakabase's Historical has always worked for me because I get this mod fully updated. When there was a time when the icons didnt work from Aslain, I got it to work from other places.
  13. Master Port Collection can't be downloaded...
  14. You are talking about PT... The is not on LIVE servers. Why bring up PT related stuff that has no MOD support?
  15. So in the installer description it said you could change the position of the damage logger.. but can't find what section to edit. Looking for X, Y but I only see pixel.. Any help? :-D Just for the sake of saving time, if anyone can tell me bottom left corner near the compass.. would appreciate it! :-)