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  1. !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    Well that sucks.. Hope they can develop a Damage Meter that DON'T use the scripts file.
  2. !!! VERY IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT script.zip !!!

    Wargaming... wow, that sucks.... Didn't see the reason for them NOT to allow these mods based upon scripts file..
  3. I know of this MOD in Tanks, where consumables have the option of using Gold/Credits. Any chance this can be made for Warships? What this MOD should do: Change currency of Premium consumables to use Credits instead of Doubloons. (Either by One-Click button or Automatic). Enable Auto-Resupply consumables by default with Credits as Currency. Auto De-mount Special upgrades for Doubloons (Radar, Hydro, Spotting, Smoke, Boost, Damage Control, Defensive AA).
  4. MM to Inches.....Please

    no longer updated by maker for quite a while now, almost 2 months. https://forum.worldofwarships.eu/topic/59885-061111-gun-calibers-in-inches/
  5. Base XP counter

    If you want this in Warships players focus too much on their own shit and not helping the team. XP earned, Credits earned, FreeXP earned etc shouldnt be an incentive to boost your own shit. Sorry, but if this becomes a thing in Warships, players will be only playing the battles just for them self and maxing out stuff for their own benefits!
  6. Gold & Free XP Locks

    Well in ships there is no reason to lock Doubloons or FreeXP, dont need to spend any Doubloons or FreeXP unless you want to. When converting/adding you get notified if you spend those resources. Even with Premium consumables you use credits. Don't see the need for this type of mod in Warships.
  7. Minimap Ping Spam Blocker

    So World of Tanks have this mod, can we have this for Warships as well? This mod should: Reduce minimap ping spam Reduce ping sound/disable ping sound Reduce chat ping spam messages
  8. No Ships in port

    Have the same problem Compact Carousel is the problem! Aslain's WoWs ModPack v6.14.0 #01 solved the problem!
  9. several mods stopped working

    Have the same issue, been having it for a few patches. No idea what is causing it, must be some files either blocking or not being edited correctly.
  10. Been having these issues for the last few patches now. Was alright before, but after a Win 10 reinstall I'm unable to get MonstroMarkers or Damage Indicator to work. This is very frustrating... Any chance you guys can figure out why this is happening with a newly installed Warships with latest (v8)? Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip preferences.xml
  11. When will Compact Carousel be updated?

    It was from HakaBase, thought I got it from ProShips. Which is a BADoBEST+Hakabase mod.
  12. Grown very fond of the compact carousel from Arnak, any idea when it will be updated in the modpack? I know ProShips has theirs working.
  13. Compact Quick Commands Panel by AutoSpy

    Tried using it, and was displayed in english for me.
  14. I know this was kind of a spam-fest in the request section.. but hopefully it can be added at some point.
  15. Brightness MODs (Ship icons/upgrades/commander++)

    Sure I could do that, but will not the folder be deleted if you delete cache and previous mods? Only thing I can re-use is the upgrades and consumables, because those aren't updated much.