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  1. Battlenat0r

    Zoom: Faster to Instant

    search for <StandardAnimator> <time>
  2. Battlenat0r

    Crew Perks in Battle by DragonTM (Commander Skills)

    I have gotten the files from Modstation, if this helps adding it to your modpack. Crew Perks by DragonTM.zip https://www17.zippyshare.com/v/XftKSmwM/file.html
  3. Battlenat0r

    Crew Perks in Battle by DragonTM (Commander Skills)

    I really want this in a next update! Tried to mod the battle_elements, were unable to successfully add it to your mod.
  4. Crew Perks in Battle by DragonTM Pressing the H key shows the distributed skills of the ship commander
  5. Battlenat0r

    Matchmaking Monitor v1.2.0.5 not fetching players

    yeah just revert to v1.2.0.4, program might get fixed at some point.
  6. I see it pretty clearly... You can change it to display big ship carousel of 1 row. Or you can upscale your UI to see it better!
  7. Battlenat0r

    Mod Steven Seagal does not work ?

    it works. I have it and it works. Its only sound mod, not the animation.
  8. v.7.11.1 #01 (08-12-2018):- updated Matchmaking Monitor v1.2.0.5 I updated to this version earlier today.. and couldnt gather data.. I reverted to v. and it worked. Just saying.
  9. Battlenat0r

    Audio not muted in windowed mode

    Seems its only engine_config changes. <soundMgr> <enabled>true</enabled> <muteEnabled>false</muteEnabled>
  10. Battlenat0r

    Audio not muted in windowed mode

    I miss this function, it was included in ProShips, I think it was just a engine config or preferences change. Anyway to include this small feature in a the modpack?
  11. added Compact carousel extended (without filters, and consumable panel - simple version) Well doesnt say the reason.. it has been done before, but that was because the mod wasnt updated..
  12. So why is those mods separate? Is it because the mod isn't updated yet or has been split for some odd reason?
  13. If I dont want the X marker, is it possible to change it a circle, triangle etc?
  14. So before you fixed v3 Panel, ship isons isn't displayed on the loading screen. Now it's only showing friendly team ship icons. Is there a issue with Custom Loading Screen and HakaBase v3 panel, or does the HP panel requires another update? shot-18.10.03_11.42.29-0296.bmp Aslains_WoWs_Logs.zip
  15. Battlenat0r

    MatchMaking Monitor and Replays

    its a Steam issue. Try this: https://na.wargaming.net/support/en/products/wows/article/19060/

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