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[1.2.0] LegionLost Differential Icons

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A set of contour icons with differential layout one for the “Side Panel”, another, a little smaller and less intrusive for the “Over Target Marker” and the last, very simple without text for the “Gui” Interface.

Attention!! This pack contains only icons… All the OTM configuration displayed in the images are form the Aslain’s WoT ModPack.

Installation Guide

Download from: https://wgmods.net/2150/ or LegionLost_ContourIcons_v4.2.3_for_woT_1.2.0.7z

Unpack the compressed file on your “World_Of_Tanks” directory mantaining the directory structure inside the pack. The folder “res_mods” MUST be copied over the “res_mods” folder inside your “World_Of_Tanks” install directory.





Edited by LegionLost
1.2.0 Update - revisioned mod to v 4.2.3

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Compatibility Verified. Wargaming's original files not touched by the patch, upgrade not needed. 

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