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WoT NOT loading!

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I had this problem starting yesterday, when I first downloaded the updated "Aslains_WoT_Modpack_Installer_v.", and have downladed it again today after uninstalling the modpack and reinstalling it after a re-start.


When I start the game, it runs as expected, until it gets to the garage, which is slightly grayed-out and has the 'Aslain' logo spinning.

It NEVER goes further, even after a couple of computer re-starts and game restarts.



Yes, once I uninstall the modpack, I can run the game as usual.



I NEED those amazing life-like sounds and all the other mods I choose!  LOL

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Are you using Limpid Stickers mod? The one that can hide various things from the tanks?


Please attach log files (if you already uninstalled, you'd need to install again, check if the issue is still there, and then create the logs zip file, instructions are in my signature link to World of Tanks)

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Yeah you're using Limpid Stickers.


Try going into the AppData folder, and delete Limpid Stickers config file. (You'll need to setup what you want to hide again)

But that might be what is causing it.


(Something like: \AppData\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks\LimpidStickers\)

If you're on Windows 10, typing %AppData%, brings you into the AppData\Roaming folder.

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I deleted that file and restarted WoT and have the same result, 'Updating the Garage' with the spinning 'Aslain'  logo on the grayed-out garage.

I'll try uninstalling the modpack (again) and NOT choose the 'LimpidStickers' choice, and try again.


Thanks for your help and attention!

I'll let you know when I'm up and running (I hope)!

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It took a while, due to 'Real Life' intruding on my Game Time!  LOL  

RE-installed the latest modpack and just started WoT up and THERE IT IS!


Again, thank you for your help and patience!shot_021.thumb.jpg.24df33a97fac6eb0542474fd35720eb5.jpg


Now, back to shooting big guns and crashing through stuff!  *G*

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