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    I think this is a great way to fight back against the anonymizer, exactly for folks like this. You want to remain anonymous yet see the stats of others? Nope can't have it both ways! Love it! Honestly the people hiding their stats should be tomatoes anyways, cause they think that will resolve the "toxicity" when they are camping behind a building at cap in their Maus as their team pushes up and dies. You can still spot a bad player, stats aren't needed. Now they just make it more obvious. I am also blue, and my stats are not hidden.
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    this is perfect !!! exactly what should happen ! i support this 1000% you dont want others to know your stats then its 100% fair for you not to know others stats . anonimyzer is a fail anyways , it hasnt changed people raging in chat or pm's after game , it has had ill effects on high stat players that some people used to actually listen to and help support a flank , when you see some noob with no stats trying to tell teammates something they dont even bother cuz who knows what that dude knows or dont know . im not going out of my way to help some red or no stat player , if they are blue or purple i probably would as they know wtf they are doing.
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    Not sure if it's all the panels, but the Side Panels by Hakabase (v1) are wrong with multiple ships. Venezia is listed as having hydro, Alaska B doesn't have it's radar mentioned, Gorizia says 4km hydro when it's actually 6km. I'm sure there are more errors but most of them revolve around hydro or radar stats being wrong.
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    This dude posting is a lame snowflake, If you want to be a snowflake and hide your stats then what right do you think you have to see others? Stay hidden my friend LOL
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    How about getting a friggin' clue, some manners and over yourself. And its pretty sad and pathetic that you want to run the anonymizer, but are on here crying when you can't because everyone's stats are anonymized courtesy of XVM if you're running it and the anonymizer.
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    How about you think for a second, before you have a flip like that. (And it's your first post too..) The XVM developers are running a test (see picture at the bottom of this answer) - NOT Aslain. Take your blame elsewhere (over to the XVM forums at: https://koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/ )
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    Workaround (till Aslain gets the chance to fix it) First make sure your game client is not running. Then install all your mods with Aslain's mod pack installer v9.0.0 #01 Then open the file markup.xml in the C:\Games\World_of_Warships\res_mods\\gui\unbound folder with a text editor. (e.g. Notepad or Notepad++) Find the line <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUD'; {}"/> , and comment it out by putting <!-- in front of it and putting --> after it The next line is <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUDSpectator'; {}"/> , comment out that one too. Should look like this: <!-- <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUD'; {}"/> --> <!-- <bind name="instance" value="'DogTagInHUDSpectator'; {}"/> --> Save markup.xml. (Make sure it is saved with the .xml extension, and not with .txt or something else) Enjoy! Note: If you re-run the installer, you have to edit the markup.xml file again.
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    v.9.0.0 #00 (15-01-2020): - initial compatibility with WoWs - updated skins CompassRose - updated Unique Camouflage Plus - updated Gun calibers in millimeters and inches - updated Azur Lane Enchant UI (by Compass Rose) - updated Kantai Collection UI (by Compass Rose) - updated Companion (Campaign progress) - updated side panels: Roslich - updated All ships in tech-tree: by Arnak - updated All ships in tech-tree: by SenaHibiki & juger65 - updated Custom Battle Loading Screen - updated mxmeter - updated mxCamo - updated Helpme - updated Quick Demount Signals - updated Good News! - updated Region Changer - updated Carousel Extended - updated Stingy by Default - updated Adjustable Div Chat - updated Permanent Karmaflage - updated sea simulation mods - updated Pan-Asian flag replaced with Taiwan flag - removed temporary until updated: Quick access to signals, Session Stats, Camouflage Filters & Save/Load/Demount all signals, More visible trained commander perks, Ships Win Rate on the ship carousel, Return commander to his ship, Detection icons. Side Panels: AutoSpy, Hakabase, BADoBEST, Stopwatch, Assistant, Score timer, Advanced HP bar indicator, Regen Assistant, Crew perks in battle, Movable ship parameters panel, Secondary Armament Status, Info Panel, in-battle chat mods, Smoke Indicator, all contour icons, login videos, The Great White Fleet, Functioning MS22 Camo Replacements, Historical IJN DDs camouflage with markings & numbering, Crooks World, Sea Group UI pack, Historical flags from 19th century, Historical Proportions flags, Dog Tags Remover, Weather forecast
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    v.8.11.0 #11 (12-01-2020): - updated contour icons: Aslain - updated side panel: BADoBEST v2 - updated clan icons - updated Historical Camo Pack 'Splinter'
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    Yudachi is a destroyer, but it has yellow icon in res_mods\\gui\ship_icons\PJSD507.png
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    Don't look at the version in the game launcher, it has nothing to do with the mods. It's the way WG is versioning their game between their patches, what is important to us is the real version which is currently (can be also found in paths.xml file). You need the modpack for
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    v.8.11.0 #10 (11-01-2020): - fixed side panels: AutoSpy [installation]
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    Of course I will make an attempt, but cannot promise anything.
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    Bottom left is: "Green signal, light" or something like that. The three on the right is roughly: Sound when there's direct visibility to someone off screen. Sound when someone gets spotted off screen. Highlight enemies on map.
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    Try with this: battle.friendsmarker_1.1.0.zip (Aslain will also be adding it on next modpack update)
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    Played several battles using same mods like yourself, and encountered no issues. You can try to uninstall hitzones koreanrandom, there was one person who couldn't use it due to crashes, but it's probably something wrong on his pc only.
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    Try to press L.CTRL + TAB couple of times maybe.
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    Imagine going to a sporting event where the players identities are hidden.
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    I got the same error,and I reinstall the mod many times but it didnt work
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    I had similiar issues with game freezing up everytime I tried to play. It had nothing to do with the mods. I had to reset my video card software (Nvidia Control Panel) back to the defaults and not make any changes. As soon as I did I havent had anymore problems with the game freezing up.
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    Author of YK is trying to fix it, but from I know he has problems to identify the problem.
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    I cannot do anything about it, you can use different session stats while waiting for someone to fix it.
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    YasenKrasen session stats are suspected for such issue, but I also noticed that you have dossier file access problem. Make sure you are playing the game and installing the modpack as admin. It's worth to delete game caches too.
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    Witam i sugeruję jak w temacie. Porobić segmenty na drzewkach by można było zwinąć niepotrzebne gałęzie ( np. dźwięki, skórki do czołgów, xvm, celowniki itp ). Można by było ustawić to z pamięcią rozwijania. I zajebista robota @Aslainz tymi modami. Robisz więcej dobrego dla popularności tej gry niż "gwiazdy" YT. ps. nie wiem czy to dobre miejsce dla takiego tematu
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    Several of us kept getting bumped out of the game (Kicked off the NA Server) after updating today. After the first time we got bounced, we were unable to log back in or the client froze on load. Attempted the Check and Repair feature and got an error, submitted a ticket to Wargaming for that, but it's several of us at once, not just me. Attached are the log files. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Oh, I was able to get back in when I used Safe Mode.
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    v1.7.0.2 #14 (03-01-2020): - added Customization Manager - added option to select XVM build [on the top of xvm mods list] - added stable xvm [8.2.3_3] - updated nightly xvm [8.2.4_37]
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    Cannot help you much I'm affraid. I don't control XVM server with stats. You probably need to seek help with XVM devs at https://www.koreanrandom.com/forum/forum/57-xvm-english-support-and-discussions/ I can only advise to wait 12h after turning off the anonymizer.
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    XVM team fixed it, so next modpack should have those fixes: https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/commit/25e7b20e3f7a59b4f59be18c23a451cf0c49871f https://gitlab.com/xvm/xvm/commit/d1d5fa57021e5a49f28ba07a177b911f24f178a6
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    There is suspicion that it's some weird bug in Yasenkrasen session stats, are you using them?
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    Just stats if it is - there's no reason to remove XVM as a regular mod, since it has a LOT of useful features, stats display is just one feature out of MANY. You're already posting you think stats should go - XVM can stay after that just fine.
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    Just run the installer again, you can change or add mods. There is a config file saved with which mods you selected. Its the same when a new mod pack comes out, run the new install and it reads the config file and updates as needed.
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    v1.7.0.2 #06 (24-12-2019): - updated Script Loader Pro v1.37 - updated xvm [8.2.4_10] - updated aim circle from J1mbo v1 crosshair [double green]
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    IT translation ready Max WoWs_it_translation_0.8.11.0_08.ini
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    v1.7.0.2 #05 (23-12-2019): - added missing xvm.bnk - added Gold ammo visibility mod - updated xvm [8.2.4_7] - updated skin: Obj. 140 > T-90A (Mirukii)
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    v.8.11.0 #07 (22-12-2019): - updated camera: YAZOM - updated camera: Port Zoom Out - updated Weather forecast - udpated Character Voice Mix Mod Creation Tool - updated clan icons [EU, RU]
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    v1.7.0.2 #03 (21-12-2019): - updated Aslain's xvm config [added own anonym icon on the player's panel] - updated xvm [8.2.2_24] - added YasenKrasen Text extension [this time effectively]
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    Everything you need and need to know is here: TL;DR version: LoadINF program + Installer.Options.inf file + Modpack = Exact same installation on another computer. So grab "Aslains Installer Options.inf" from your current, move it over. Download LoadINF and modpack on other computer.
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    Try to not mix crosshair options: Crosshairs crosshair: Damocles Sword Aim circle aim circle: deegie SPG crosshair spg crosshair: Deegie Especially the aim circle, recent game updates messed up crosshairs badly.
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    it was doing it with the last and current versions (couldnt say for any earlier 1,s as didnt really look)
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    XVM devs are doing something to battle results, maybe it's a side effect or something.
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    v1.7.0.2 #00 (19-12-2019): - compatibility with WoT - updated xvm [8.2.1_21]
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    can confirm xvm causing it deselecting xvm selection and modpack working fine.
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    Tak, WG znow popsulo mody bez zmiany numeru folderu do modow, bo po co, oni zmieniaja tylko jak nic sie nie psuje.... Proponuje sprobowac usunac mody od celownikow oraz XVM, moze pomoze. I czekac na akt. paczki, ale na razie nie mam co aktualizowac bo moderzy spia.
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    Can double that this what it looks from garage. camera is third person controls are working but not the turret until you fire and its just for the fire period turret stop working after that.
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    great idea by xvm devs, y shud players see our stats when they have theirs hidden
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    v3.8.1 (01-08-2014): - updated XVM-5.3.3 (3060) - re-added: Gnomefeather's sound mods - re-added: Improved Lighting Mod v1.4 - re-added: Colored Wrecks of destroyed tanks - re-added: RVT 9.2 - re-added YasenKrasen PL - re-added Multilined Tank Carousel 1.5.3 - re-added J1mB0's Crosshair Mod v1.41 - re-added Premium hangar for non-premium users - re-added GoHaru hitzone kins - fixed small bug in the installer related to cleaning up WoT cache - fixed installing Zoom x30 (0.9-30) - fixed installing TeamHpPools - removed Wide borders of map mod (causing issues with WoT 9.2) - removed Sword of Damocles v7.7 crosshair (causing issues with WoT 9.2)
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    v0.1.1 (02-05-2015): - updated Aslain's contour icons for - updated MajorRenegade's contour icons for - updated MLP Flags by MajorRenegade for - marked Hootorez's contour icons as old due the fact he stopped supporting his mods
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    sorry it is the "good stat" players doing the camping, being held up by a single enemy tank on the flank, and wiping. the REAL players are the ones doing what they can when they are facing impossible odds, while the good stat players huddle at base, behind buildings to farm damage and then wiping leaving those you call "tomatoes" on their own. now I don't have the best stats myself and I don't care to be honest, I at least can read a mini map and will try to relocate to help a weak flank or give support in battle where I can, but I can say I have taken to looking at the "stats" of team mates prior to game start and tend to avoid relocating to help those particular players. based on their "stats" they shouldn't be yelling for help and should be able to get the job done sadly more and more I see this isn't the case and it is the low stat players out lasting and in some cases having far better damage numbers than those good stat players, I myself finished a game yesterday top on damage in my S35 ( bathtub) 1500 damage the top tier best stat player on the team ( FYI his numbers were blue on XVM) 600 and he had plenty of assistance as the player had roughly 80% of the team with him including all the heavies all but 1 medium and all the light tanks, my flank had mostly TD's the single med and that was it. I still think XVM and stats need to go away, it does nothing but promote camping, farming and stat padding and to be honest all it does is add stress for people trying to play what is suppose to be a game.
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    So you're going to go all out against your standing of being a classy mod maker, tanker and whatever else for the community and you make your mod to punish players for using anon? really? this is what you turn yourself into? .... after all the community has done for you....you decide you're going be mr judge jury and exicutioner and punish your support.... get bent
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