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    v.8.2.0 #12 (19-04-2019): - updated Minimap Extended - updated clan icons
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    then ...mods\configs\pmod\sessionStatistic.json ? "hourOffset": 6,
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    lobby.swf is in control of that - but it's also a file that XVM modifies/uses, so simply adding the anti-mirroring like it is for the training room for example, isn't easy, the way I understand it. It's a very minor thing though, the tank name is displayed, both in the tooltip and in the main garage screen when you mouse over the crew member.
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    v.8.2.0 #11 (16-04-2019): - added detection icons: My little Pony (by Jules_Papillon), Colored Icons - added EVE style consumables + modernization icons - updated clan icons - it's possible to install Alt Markers and OTM by BADoBEST at the same time now
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    Still not ready? Detailed Damage Meter WOWS
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    v.8.2.0 #10b (14-04-2019): - updated movetree (internal script for installation) Minor fix [get it only if you have spaces in installation path and foreign windows locales like Cyrilic, Chinese, Japanese etc.]
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    v.8.2.0 #10 (13-04-2019): - updated Arpeggio Gun Hit Effects - updated mxstat - updated Aslains_WoT_Logs_Archiver - updated clan icons - updated Gold Premium Ship Icons (by pold77) - added additional logs to the installation (movetree) - removed port Nagasaki Night (broken)
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