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  1. Yeah, how dare you waste the few seconds of my life! :P :P :P
  2. http://aslain.com/index.php?/topic/4-faq/
  3. Hehe, it's a bit funny how spoter's mods can behave differently from computer to computer.. I'm using these, without having had a CTD: Angel Vehicle Exp Crew Exp Direction Indicator
  4. The update notifier isn't enough? Telling you ingame that there is a new update available, which you then can go download? And since it remembers all your selections from last time... :P
  5. There are, sadly, a _LOT_ of examples of people not reading the simplest of things. Such as the common "ignore" of the warning label stating a mod will change the client language to Polish. :P
  6. Doesn't work for anyone, until it's updated. Aslain will update it today, since the new mod is already out.
  7. Installed on: No Client detected! :lol:
  8. No need to say sorry :) I didn't say anything about your question, just the lack of logs ;) I'll see if I can find a clue in them.. otherwise I'm sure Aslain or some other expert will come by :D
  9. Before someone else mentions this... read my signature :ph34r:
  10. Hehe neato, and happy tanking to you ;) Just trying to help out around here :D
  11. It's unlikely it's related to the minimap issue, the OTM :) And you're not misunderstanding it. You need to use the XVM OTM together with the Blue vs Red option, and the others (except for Green vs Red, as the only one)
  12. I don't know - it's worth a try I guess? You can always use a replay to test it out, so you don't have to do a battle, if it is :)
  13. Two random questions, beyond those, I don't know: Are you using the XVM Minimap, or another one? And:
  14. Hopefully it'll give some clues as to what causes it. Though it might be related to Gnomefather's sounds, if that was the only difference between you using Aslain's and Quickybaby's. (Going by the assumption that you didn't have Gnomefather's with Quickybaby's pack) :)
  15. Yup, that's the one - the best would be to post one right after you get a crash, as it might have some clues as to what causes it
  16. To quote Aslain after asking him... "Sounds like mission impossible :) Probably a nightmare to do. I have no idea how to do it, I know it's a horror only :) not sure if it's even possible, never seen inno installer with search built in"
  17. Not as far as I know. I'll prod Aslain and see if he can add something like a search box, if it's not too much work :)
  18. A picture is worth a thousand words :P
  19. Wrong section, you posted in World of Tanks :) And I have no clue about that error. Try the World of Warships forum on here ;)
  20. I don't think that Integrity Checker is working properly, since it doesn't seem to re-download missing files :/
  21. Isn't it the same when it comes to the default APCR on the high tier medium tanks? Sounds like it :)
  22. Going by the WoT Region Editor thread, you're probably going to need to reinstall World of Tanks completely... but I don't know for sure. I never used it myself.
  23. Rozszerzone informacje by Nikodemsky (Cambia el Idioma a Polaco!!!) You still have that selected.... :P
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