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  1. I'm sure there's a perfectly logical explanation to the issue you're having. But without logs and a replay where it happens, there's no telling what you're experiencing. I highly doubt someone hacked the live data feed from the server, just to shoot you without triggering your sixth sense perk.
  2. You are looking at the place. The newest is like the installer tells you.... Click one of the links, and if you're having issues with one, try "direct" instead. You want #05, you don't want #01, it's outdated and shouldn't be used.
  3. Also a dumb question: Does your Commander have Sixth Sense perk? Since you're saying you aren't getting the indicator for yourself - but you do for teammates (teammates that have Sixth Sense)
  4. It is in the modpack as well now :)
  5. What Aslain said - also this thread was in the wrong section
  6. I know you said it's the correct folder - but please double check and check again to make sure. Because generally no client would be because you haven't selected the proper folder. Example: Game is installed in C:\Games\WoT Then you need to select that. Don't select a folder inside of WoT.
  7. If you didn't mess with buttons - it shouldn't happen - and there might be a little bug creeping around - which hopefully Aslain can find!
  8. I never heard about the game auto-locking onto a target, simply because you fire at it. You would have to press the hotkey to enable auto-aim or the mouse button set to it. Check you aren't firing with a button/mousekey that also enables auto-aim.
  9. Merged all your threads. Still cannot help you if you don't fix your python.log. Right click on it and remove "read only" that you set on it.
  10. If you're talking about the freezing when you die, it should be fixed now, and you just need to restart the game.
  11. Pretty sure Frontline isn't part of Warships, hehe. (Wrong section, moving it) And check my replies here:
  12. Another spam link. Check your anti-virus.
  13. You'll need an account on the server they're on, if it's a different region. Removed your spam link. Check your computer with anti-virus.
  14. Generally things are removed when they're broken/not updated. And recent WoWs update broke a lot of sound mods so they were removed so they can be checked/updated.
  15. Quite the display there. Not sure how it would look when having way too many tanks in garage. I like it - I think the only thing I'd change if it was just like that, I'd make it be "BATTLE TIER ?-?", but that's probably just me.
  16. Maybe it's just removed along with a lot of other sound mods since a lot of them were causing problems / not working. But Aslain himself would know for sure.
  17. You're welcome. I think they messed it up when they removed Steel Hunter. So hopefully fixed with their next patch, but until then, you can use the filter menu :)
  18. Wargaming fucked up. Click the top button and use the filters there instead. Even in Safe Mode, the button you have highlighted, and the one above it, doesn't work as intended.
  19. Many mods work fine in Frontline - but when the mod is meant to move consumables in garage (or equipment), it can't move it while already in a battle. So you would need to play Frontline without Auxilium, and make sure you've mounted consumables on your tank before entering.
  20. You're probably using auto-mount consumables mod, don't use that for Frontline. It's impossible for it to work with Frontline. The game cannot load consumables into a tank that is already in battle - and the mod keeps them off your tanks until you select the tank in your garage.
  21. Get the new modpack. #01 was just released, and it fixes that issue. You didn't include any log files - but I'm assuming that you did not update the modpack, since the modpack was released recently.
  22. Remove InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki] or wait for modpack update soon.
  23. Remove InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki] or wait for modpack update.
  24. Then remove "InBattle WN8/EFF Calculator [ProTanki]" or wait for next modpack update where it's fixed.
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