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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. He's a little disappointed at that laptop cuz he spent around 1000$ on that omen 15 or something , hoping it'll be better than my 800$ PC loooool And ur right , he can't even play most games at stable fps , and wot is one of them
  2. Hi guys I liked the christmas garage , so is there a way to install it back , I mean if there's a way I've searched around the internet and found nothing , if u guys can help , it'll be appreciated
  3. Sorry been away for a week He copied because the game is almost 9gb and if u can copy at 8mbs than why download it with 250kBs speed lol He switched to SD from HD and now it lags very little than before , so I guess it's not mods fault , it even happens in safe mode
  4. ((I didn't made this thread in 'issues and bug reporting' , as it is not related to the mod pack , it's just a general bug and I'm looking for a solution)) Hi My brother bought a new laptop and he wanted to play wot on his laptop so I just copied mine client to his laptop (he deleted the mod pack because he found all the mods I'm using , confusing , but later he downloaded xvm mod pack from the official website) Now when he plays wot , SOMETIMES it freezes when he shoots at someone (freezes for around 10secs to 1min) I posted his python log , if u guys can read it and figure the problem out , it'll be great (BTW the drives are latest and he's using windows 10 64bit , i7 with 8gb ram) python.log
  5. ive the lastest mod pack installed reinstalled it , cleaned dlc cache but the problem still presists {replay included} btw theres no aslain logs zip in wot folder 20161220_0409_germany-G46_T-25_06_ensk.wotreplay python.log
  6. OK thanks! BTW , I haven't thanked u for adding the prem garage and I'm sorry for not saying it early THANK YOU (I mean it lol)
  7. In the legal category according to the last point 'in game penetration indicator mods' Is 'armor penetration calculator' by Pmod , legal now?
  8. {Panels by XVM team , Simple panel #2} ive installed this panel...but its empty and dosent shows anything im using win10..thanks
  9. Yes exactly ....or some other garage , like victory day
  10. No I haven't install fog remover I know I get black textures cuz of hanger man , I have test it many times ....I don't it mind it anyway , I was just asking lol But can u help me with my second problem lol Thanks
  11. Hi guys I just wanted to know why the hanger man makes some textures black and why goofy hasn't fixed it , or is it impossible? Second:: as hanger man causes the black textures , is there a way to install the garage mod (install the hanger man then copy the premium garage file and then uninstall hanger man and move the prem garage file back to res_mods,,, so I'll have garage without hanger man.....I don't mind not having the garage changing option) If someone can help , I'll appreciate it very much Sorry the long sentence lol
  12. I don't think it's necessary to include that in mod cuz it's in the game option , sbalization in sniper mod (I don't remember the EXACT name).....u can check it ur self
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