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  1. Your fast :) if I support Aslain, will you get a benefit from it?
  2. Thank you very much :) I tryed to change to english.. bud it still danish.. will try again.. and thanks one more time.
  3. Replay manager is in a language I do not understand. I can not switch to English Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  4. Sorry but i do not know which one is the right one :( I have searched for a long time but can not find a post similar to this
  5. Mine is in a language I do not understand and I can not switch it to English
  6. Replay manager in english?? I don't understand it now.
  7. Same here. Game is freezing in start up some times. 2 updates ago it was if i touched the tab key
  8. Thanks for your answer, but I don't know the author - Sorry
  9. Why is the "Crew Skill Informer" (backspace) always the last mod? And thanks for your work :)
  10. Hi and thanks for the great mod pack I really miss the "non elite" filter when i gaming stars.
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