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  1. SabotON

    windowed mode

    @bubs79; Yeah, I have that problem too, and for ages. I thought it was just my settings and I also have done the same as you.
  2. SabotON

    Updated - micropatch

    Asia has updated to V1.0.0.2 http://forum.worldoftanks.asia/index.php?/topic/79781-server-maintenance-5-april-2018/
  3. Mmmm, usual? I've just opened and ran the client with no problems right now using the above method described yesterday Bull. Make sure that you deactivate ALL PMOD in the modpack and then delete the poliroid.pmod_1.31.0.wotmod. Good luck
  4. Ah well it happens. Ok just checked the shoutbox and this solution works; leafcapToday 17:24 for ASIA server. just delete wot/mods/ ... and u will back to business
  5. Nope, for me, this did not work as you have advised. I am still CTD.
  6. Nope, thats a big negative, the pattern is full, for me. After a cut and paste, then running it, game gives a critical error. I imagine its all about what you have enabled
  7. SabotON

    not working get this error

    Yep , I'm getting the same warning, This was posted by Tanz himself, on his page of skins; "Just a heads up...this latest update as far as I can tell will not allow the current Camo disable file to work. Just like on the PT server...causing to my game not to load up. So some of you that use it may experience that. If you do just remove the file from your res mod folder. I'm sure someone will post an updated one".
  8. As to be expected even when changing the file number in res_mods to current
  9. SabotON

    Full Tree Tech

    Because you can not research or buy them. They are not for sale.
  10. SabotON

    latest patch

    v5.1.1.0 (13-11-2015): - compatibility with WoWs - updated contour icons: by Aslain, by vito74m - updated Seeker's Extended Tech-Tree - updated Seeker's Region Changer - updated Skins mix compiled by Scryptar [DLC] - removed faulty mods: Training Room Enabler, Session Stats, The minimap mods and dmg counters, scalable crosshair Check here first Hughesy
  11. SabotON

    New Patch Update 11/12/2015

    Mods also not working in SEA either - yep it that modpack update time again :P and yes there was more going on than what was lead to believe with that patch, me thinks :angry:
  12. SabotON

    Carousel update

    Hornethappy, mate plz dont give up on this, I personaly prefer your small carousel than the latest one by WG.
  13. SabotON

    @ vito74m

    Could you add the historical flags option back to your New graphics for perks, tech-tree & fire alert.
  14. SabotON

    V4.5.10 causing "blackouts" in game

    Yeah that's what Ive done. Thx for your help fellas. Cheers.
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