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  1. Huh, a fellow Texan. I just moved from the DFW area. I wish you luck in the recruiting.
  2. FormulaZR


    I saw that MonstroMarkers was removed because it used scripts.zip and that is now not allowed (I have no idea what that means), but do we know if the creator is working on it...or is it gone forever?
  3. FormulaZR

    Premium ship captains

    Because the captain has never been trained on the Roon. Any silver ship captain can go into a premium without the need to retrain - but a premium ship captain into a silver ship needs to be trained. Cheapest way is to spend the 200k credits, then put the captain back in Graf to complete the final XP training, all the skills will work in the Graf while retraining for Roon.
  4. FormulaZR

    Adding a different cursor?

    I did find it. The color is better, but the UI still makes it very small. I think because of scaling with my resolution settings.
  5. FormulaZR

    Adding a different cursor?

    The default WoWS cursor/mouse arrow is quite small and blends in to the background. It makes selecting secondary and air targets difficult with my current resolution settings. Would there be an easy way to change the cursor in the game? I have a .cur file to use. I tried the Mouse Pointer mod, but it's still very small (same size a default).
  6. FormulaZR

    illegal Mods ?

    The Official Forum had a post by WG Staff saying they will have more information coming soon. This was posted by WG Staff: I agree, the current messaging does not give enough clarity on how to use third-party mods safely, at no risk of getting an unexpected ban. The only recommendation we have at the moment - remove mods, unless you're confident that they are not "exploitable". Also, there is another communication coming from our Dev QA team, please give us some time to make it more helpful than what I said here. Really sorry, that I sound so "corporate" in this thread. However, yesterday this was posted by WG Staff: ReShade and the likes are mostly used to modify the visual content of the game, however, the root mechanics of such add-ons are very similar to some of the cheating mods & allow third parties to create malicious versions to inject into executable files & libraries. Unfortunately, this means, that while the intentions of most of our users are benign, the code can still be harmful. As of now all of ReShade users have been unbanned today and provided with compensation. The wording of that indicates to me that none of the mods used in Aslain's pack are on their "radar", so to speak as none of the mods work in the way indicated above. I'm not sure about stuff like MM monitor (because I genuinely don't know how it works) - but the actual mods, to the best of what I interpret, are in no danger of causing a ban. I will further say that I have had Aslain's mods installed for several months, had them installed at the time all the bans went out, and installed them after the update. My account was not banned and I don't have any reason to believe I will be subject to a ban because of them. And again, as Quaksen pointed out, WG has explicitly stated those two mods are fine.
  7. FormulaZR

    illegal Mods ?

    Actually, WG never said training room was the cause or might get you banned. In fact, they said the exact opposite yesterday. Message from the NA Publishing Team regarding the recent bans by Trevzor_WGA in WorldOfWarships [–]Trevzor_WGA[S] 14 points 17 hours ago I have been informed that if all your mod did was enable training rooms or replays you would not have been affected.
  8. I like the compact carousel. And really like the improved compact carousel. But would there be a way to show only non-premium ships? I feel like that would help in reminding me what I need to grind rather than just playing OP/fun ships all the time.
  9. MonstroMarkers are not working for me either. EDIT: MonstroMarker is now working for me.
  10. During Aslain's absence, just thought I'd let you guys know I copied my mods from the folder in res_mods to and they all appear to be working and are stable. EDIT: forgot to add that you might have to run an integrity check after you rename the folder if you get stuck on the loading screen. EDIT 2: MonstroMarkers appears to the be the only mod I run that isn't working. Mods I'm running: Zeiss sniper x15 MonstroMarkers (not working?) Minimap by Fugetsu Target direction lines Navigator Chat v2 Dry Dock: Black Sea and Dunkirk ports Smoke Counter: left side Enable replays
  11. FormulaZR

    Type 6 camo skin to replace permanent/premium camo?

    I did see those, but I was looking specifically for a "Dazzle" type camo pattern.
  12. I love the look of the Type 6 (Dazzle) camo. Would it be possible for the look of the Type 6 camo to replace my permanent camo and still retain all the bonuses of the permanent camo? Mainly looking for this on my Cleveland, Atlanta, and Kutuzov.
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