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  1. Yes, can be closed. Let me post a picture i found on Reddit today. The OP on Reddit is using a another modpack and the YasenKrasen BattelResults look different as well: I can only speculate that there is something wrong but only the mod developers know how it is supposed to look like correctly.
  2. Well, i just had to Alt+F4 and i have no Session stats mod installed. That is why i have a hard time believing it is a solution Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. I just don't understand why the mods moved damage and assisting damage to the left and replace it by a symbol on the right. For me this splitting is not intuitive - that's all. But yeah you are right, it is not a bug and all information is visible somewhere.
  4. I am missing the numbers from the first screenshot: 2 (spotted) 319 (assisting damage) 857 (damage) 5 (modules) It is just better to see the total numbers at the first glance
  5. So it looks like YasenKrasen is doing the same as WorstUnicumEU mod does. Both hide the value numbers and replace it with icons on the first row. So Vanilla and Session Stats mod look different and i find the missing value numbers a bad usabilitiy experience. And it seems like both mods i have tested (YasenKrasen and WorstUniCumEU) behave EXACTLY the same way in this matter. Do they share the same code or do both authors like their Battle Results better? Aslain&Quaksen, can you contact an author and ask them about their opinion? Would be nice to get some insights and move on :) First screenshot is Vanilla: This is YasenKrasen:
  6. Hi Quaksen, will try YasenKrasen and give you Feedback. I am a little bit confused if you and Aslain are saying that Session stats mods like WorstUnicumEU or YasenKrasen do this on purpose (hidding the values eg. 4400 damage) and it is working as intended.
  7. I was talking about the reported problem that the summary values are missing in the Battle Results screens. WGC screws up starting the 64bit .exe if it is open and the 32bit .exe is always run even if you start the 64.exe manulally. I played a game with the settings 1-3 above and neither were the Summary Values shown like total Damage etc. shown in Battle Results (Personal Score Tab)
  8. Not working for me no matter what: 1) Starting Game Center and running WoT through Game Center (WGC running will start 32bit no matter what) 2) Game Center not running and starting 64bit 3) Game Center not running and starting 64bit as admin Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Thanks for testing, i will run it as admin and see if it works for me!
  10. Interesting, can you check if it is working for you when you run the 64-bit WorldOfTanks.exe? /edit: I am running 64bit without starting the Game Center - normal (not as admin)
  11. Hi Aslain, any idea what mod is doing this? Would be nice to have the numbers of damage, assisting damage etc. on top :)
  12. Hi Quaksen! I was using PMOD session stats by WorstUnicum - i have uninstalled it for the moment and the problem is gone. Will give it a try if it will be updated. Thanks!
  13. Hi Aslain, I just noticed that the Summary is missing in the Battle Results (Personal Score) Tab. It is probably a mod i am using. This might be a problem for quite some time because i checked older screenshots and the summary is missing in these as well. Can you please check? Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  14. I haven't been using MoE mod for quit some time now. But the problem still exists for me. To be fair it does not happen very often.
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