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  1. There are several ERROR in xvm.log. I didn't change anything for years , always started game the same way, no new software installed. It have started to happen from #07. I tried to install #06 , but no luck.... If I play in safe mod, the tank crew is showed OK.
  2. Hi Aslain I have problem which has started since #07 XVM won't load at all, and only commander is shown from tank crew! No other crew member, only commander, for every tank! Here is my log files...(from version #09)... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  3. Thanx! :-) Yes, you are right - I didn't launch game before generating logs and I accidentally selected "HD minimaps" ! :-)
  4. Hi Aslain, in last two updates (00 and 01), there is bug - missing minimap circles and lines. A have selected these options in XVM Minimap secition during instalation but, there is no circles and lines on minimap. Here is my log files... Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  5. You are right. Fresh .py macros solve the problems. Thanks anyway :-)
  6. XVM Info Panel doesn't work since last WOT update...
  7. My sliders on "efects" are set on max and still don't see shell tracers!
  8. I can use this file "com.modxvm.xfw.native_1.4.3.00085.wotmod" from old XVM and everything is OK. I'll use it as long as possible!
  9. Same problem again! But it si OK when I applied you fix for XVM. So please, include your fix for XVM from previous version
  10. I did exactly what you said, but nothing is changed :-( Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  11. There are meny players that have the same problem with no XVM stats https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/49932-no-in-game-stats/ So far, there is no solution for that mysterious problem
  12. " It's also worth to delete xvm tokens before you try anything. " How to do that? I've also noted that few new lines in ChangeLog-en.txt but not understand what I should do about it :-(
  13. Never mind, I'll use #05. I don't believe that is something wrong with my comp because #05 works and #07 or #08 doesn't, with same game installation setup.
  14. Still have the sam problem with #08. I turn off antivirus program. #05 still works OK! I can log to XVM site without problem. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip Aslains_WoT_Logs #5.zip
  15. Here is the new logs after one battle played with #07. As I said before, version #05 works OK, I have problems with #07. Configuration is the same in both versions. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  16. Aslain, I have problem with XVM statistic since I have installed version #07. In version #05 I have no such problems Problems is that there is no XVM player statistic in any of panels. Here is my log files. I regularly update XVM statistics and doesn't change any setings during installing your mod pack (between #05 and #07). Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  17. Aslain, any news about XVM Info Panel? It works fine with new patch.
  18. Aslain, is there possibility to implement XVM Info Panel in your modpack? I've been using it for a while and I am satisfied. It also has ALT-key functionality to see info about own tank. https://koreanrandom.com/forum/topic/36811-infopanel-средствами-xvm/
  19. Hi Aslain, could you add this sixth sense animated icon: https://wotspeak.ru/mody-world-of-tanks-wot/625-animirovannaya-lampochka-zasveta-dlya-perka-shestoe-chuvstvo-dlya-world-of-tanks.html I've been using it for a month and it looks very nice, and have no problem.
  20. Aslain, what has happened with updated Grandorf's iconset, your edition? Please, fix it
  21. I have never had such issue described in that topic. Also have AV software.
  22. Why risky? I am using it now and works perfectly
  23. Aslain, when will you update fixed version od ExtraAimInfo?
  24. Aslain, Ekspoint has fixed ExtraAimInfo today :-). I've tried and it works perfectly in trajectory view!
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