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  1. Indeed... :( Just as I find it very strange, WG keeps changing the file setup every update so nothing works after an update.. I remember when I used to do your job and update all these small mods myself.. It was a hassle! Your work is appreciated very very much!
  2. Haha, well imagine sitting on an airplane and your ears haven't popped yed, so everything sounds kinda distant.. And someone dumps a big bag of potatoes and all you hear is a 'dump' on the floor.. That's the sound I Hear every time a teammate dies :( And it's not working anymore.. Worked wonders in And I miss it haha :P
  3. Don't know how long it hasn't been working for.. I've been gone on vacation for 10 days and just came back today and found it not working with new update.. Last I had was Working for you? I checked it's still set in my installer
  4. Seems not to be working no more.. Could you look into this, Aslain? :)
  5. Awesome it works.. Thanks so much man!
  6. OK cool. Good luck and hope you have a succesful test :) And good luck on the battle field
  7. Yeah I found it just after making my post, sorry :) Is it working for you?
  8. Hey Zzarac. I can't seem to find the custom mod folder? Anyway, I haven't had so much luck in actually making this change work.. It seems to work in some games, but in other games it's very loud when someone dies.. I've changed the sounds.xc file, and changed it to true at the top, but ... ?? I haven't really looked for the arty hit, but good point. That bothers me as well as sometimes I think I've gone and died because it's so loud haha
  9. Hi After I finally bought a subwoofer I'm getting this high boom sound when a friendly die in battle, and it's just very annoying to listen to. I found this link, which solves it: http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/583223-09151-remove-annoying-sound-from-dying-tanks/ It requires a very simple change to the sounds.xc file. Any way it could be made in this mod-pack, so I don't have to remember it manually every update? :) Thx!
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