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  1. m0nstertr4x

    #09 - No UI when loading into ongoing battles

    :) i'm not superstitious.. bugs are bugs
  2. Not sure the issue, didnt have it before. I had to reconnect my VPN, i ALT-F4 mid game and then tried to get back in but got no UI python.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  3. m0nstertr4x

    Autoaim Indication+ with Wheeled vehicles

    ok ill drop him a suggestion :) thanks
  4. I love this mod but when i play wheeled LT's it interferes with the build-in autoaim snapping for these vehicles. So i was hoping there was the option to disable it on wheeled vehicles only Looking at the config there's not much to do, but i see there's the option to set a togglekey so i'll try that and disable it when playing wheeled vehicles. Perhaps the dev can do something about it :)
  5. m0nstertr4x

    Update of clanlogos

    If you want to see your own clan logo in xvm, just save the png into World_of_Tanks\res_mods\mods\shared_resources\xvm\res\clanicons\EU\clan\ISYM.png The installer can do it automatically if you put the logo into a 7zip or zip which you put under World_of_Tanks\Aslain_Modpack\Custom_mods I attached an empty 7zip file with only the path, just add your logo ISYM.png under the empty clan directory put this file under custom_mods. clanlogo.7z
  6. it should be perfect in other words try update your gfx driver? did you try play with the gfx settings in WOT? windowed or fullscreen? try switching the vsync on/off and limit fps to 100 and adding a custom profile for your monitor to run at 100hz (assuming it supports) if your monitor only runs at 60hz you may as well cap the fps @ 60fps. Previous version of aslain (for 1.3) had the framelimit option, i assume it will come back. I've seen the same issue on my old GTX770, i assumed at 2k res it runs out of video ram and also overheating as the old fan couldnt keep up anymore sometimes showing the same artifacts but i moved onto a 1060 these days and havent seen it since. its probably all the same suggestions as you may find in other forums :) but it seems to be an issue with the game, i wish you luck and great battles :)
  7. m0nstertr4x

    Big FPS Drops, Game Crashes with Aslain Modpack

    If you throw extra mods at your game, then obviously you can expect a reduction in fps already only from XVM without anything else. As for most fps eating mods, anything flashy such as... xvm\addons\xvm_sight\splashsphere xvm\addons\xvm_sight\autoaimindicator xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\aimtime xvm\addons\xvm_sight\info\flytime modpack\spot_indicator modpack\aimhelpingmods\autoaim_indicator modpack\hitmarker modpack\gfxenhancers\maxfarplane none of those help in keeping your fps up. Also in 4k you dont need everything max'd out to look pretty. Personally i would run the game in 2k and have 100+ fps
  8. These may be eating your fps and/or causing stutters No need to reinstall, just move the files out of the mods directory and try the game. 09.02.2019 17:55 <DIR> DZD 09.08.2018 22:05 648 090 colored_stickers_byVlad_cs_sr_1.0.wotmod 06.05.2018 19:12 27 962 748 goldvisibility.color.wotmod 13.10.2018 09:21 10 637 656 goldvisibility.core.wotmod 06.02.2019 11:02 5 267 lagindicator_ball.wotmod 04.02.2019 02:30 35 741 minimap_guns.wotmod My bet is on minimap guns
  9. Try wiping the cache, delete everything except your preferences.xml from %AppData%\Roaming\Wargaming.net\WorldOfTanks Based on your fps, your gpu isnt struggling :) Often it is heat/ overclocking/ or a lack of video ram that causes issues with textures. - cpu or gpu is overclocked, try less aggressive settings to see if it helps. - check to see if your gpu isnt overheating.. - try lowering or changing the texturing settings in game. Aside from there being a bug thats pretty much all there is to look at Good luck
  10. m0nstertr4x

    dmg panel broken v14_02

    1. Zayas - Not working as intended i'll use something else in meantime kobkag - not working either 2. Floating Wings enabled by default (even when option is disabled) I Manually disabled it in Markersdeadnormal.xc python.log _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf
  11. m0nstertr4x

    Can you please help out with this issue ?

    NA server must not have updated to v1.4 yet, hence it is looking for
  12. m0nstertr4x

    wot hangs on finishing-exit battle

    same issue for v1.4, updating to _02 now
  13. m0nstertr4x

    Garage Bug after 1.4 patch

    have same issue but on EU, downloading version _02 to see if it helps.
  14. Perhaps AHK doesnt like the new v1.0 WOT, it wouldnt be related to Aslain's pack You may need to update your AHK version or try 64bit/32bit etc..
  15. m0nstertr4x

    Bug when you rename res_mods !?!?!

    There's also the directory 'mods' which you'll need to clean out. Probably a dependency issue. Its far easier to start the game in 'SAFE mode' from the WOTlauncher
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