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  1. disable the auto equip mod for time being.
  2. Its the spotted marker. I'm not familiar with this one, but probably red unspotted, green spotted and none neverseen. just compare with your minimap
  3. Damage log: World_of_Tanks\mods\configs\Log.cfg Move the x to 30 or so, try modify as you see fit. Received log, 1. disable, offset option for your damage log (modpack option) 2. enable, --------------------[ Efficiency counters ]---------------------------------------- counters over damage panel then disable the ingame, damage/spot summary log. You'll end up with your dmg counters between chatbox/minimap and no longer need to offset the received dmg log
  4. Join a clan, get in a platoon.. have some friends :)
  5. Looking at the engines_config.xml created by your modpack it didnt have it in. Probably because i'm also using another soundmod for voices, and FPS limiter settings which all go in here. But i assume your script can patch it in :)
  6. I had this happen to me before, never found the issue though. I thought it was an outdated tank model mod i had but... Seeing this.. comparing my mods with your mods.. i would say it maybe LastShot however the logs do not make it clear. I havent had this happen again though..
  7. @Aslain I noticed the following was missing from res_mods\version\engine_config.xml <voice_soundbanks> <project> <name> voiceover.bnk </name> <project> </project> <name> MLG.bnk </name> </project> </voice_soundbanks> Hence the 'ding' sound wasnt happening when you hit your shots. Please patch it in for users using this mod :)
  8. Hope you get some insight, perhaps post the logs as well :) HOW TO REPORT A BUG OR ISSUE
  9. How to Report a Bug or Issue
  10. This is the same tool but shows things more simple.. i'm guessing you are having packet-loss time to time. https://sourceforge.net/projects/winmtr/ Just leave it running while you are playing.. Another thing to consider is if other people/devices are using your network? Someone browsing an image heavy website or YT etc can easily cause lags if its spiking your bandwidth.
  11. LordFelix made a couple of nice cap circles, perhaps nice to add to your selection https://wgmods.net/2008/ https://wgmods.net/1914/
  12. Got the same frustration, it will open the WOT classic web page everytime you click on detailed results after a battle.
  13. Hitzone skins dont work with tank model changes, also the hitzone skins wouldnt align on changed models anyway. You should choose the one or the others..
  14. I was about to say :) --------------------------[ PMOD ]------------------------------------ Server crosshair ServerMarker by Awfultanker [doesn't work in spg view] Standard blue However i wouldnt disable this mod, its good to see where the 'server' thinks you are aiming instead of the client Issue is though.. this should be a simple server crosshair. The picture shows either Server Gun marker by elkano or Armagoman
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