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Looking for a lead Delphi programmer with a spare time.
Szukam doświadczonego programisty Delphi z czasem, który może poświęcić.


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  1. Sorry for this. Please updated translation. I corrected this. WoT_cz_translation_1.10.0.1_17.ini
  2. Please find updated CZ translation. WoT_cz_translation_1.10.0.1_17.ini
  3. Please find updated CZ version WoT_cz_translation_1.10.0.1_15.ini
  4. Please find CZ updated file: WoT_cz_translation_1.9.1.2_05.ini
  5. Hallo, I use Darker icons in players panel, but after installing the last modpack I have Darker icons only in enemy team. My teammates shows following: It looks some bug in instalation. Can you please chceck this? Thx. R1
  6. Please find attached CZ updated language pack. WoT_cz_translation_1.9.0.2_07.ini
  7. Please find Cz updated translation. WoT_cz_translation_1.9.0.1_06.ini
  8. OK, I add options inf. _Aslains_Installer_Options.inf Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip
  9. Hello, at this moment I installed latest version of your modpack, but garage is bugged. Python is added. I use only your modpack and Discord. Thank you for your good work anytime. python.log
  10. Please find updated CZ version WoT_cz_translation_1.8.0.1_13.ini
  11. Please find attached CZ updated translation. WoT_cz_translation_1.8.0.1_12.ini
  12. Please find attached updated CZ translation. WoT_cz_translation_1.7.1.2_04.ini
  13. Please find attached updated CZ translation: WoT_cz_translation_1.7.0.2_21.ini
  14. Yes, you are right, but it is little bit more complicated... It was just idea. You will se, how this will work and how will users of your modpack comment this change.
  15. OK. If there will be possible to see already translated items, this looks to be usable. I guess translators will get used to this. There is google translator, what can lead someones to use this as translation, which is not good. Someone already translated cz version by using this and translation is not clear. So maybe not to add this to the translated page.
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