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  1. Hey Babe Ruthless Would you or your m8 be able to update a mod to 9.16 for me cos I am not a mod maker just a mod user?

    Old version of mod is at http://www.almodi.org/world-of-tanks-wot/sborka-anime-vocaloid-megapack-ot-slayer-the-god, If you or your m8 can help I'd be very grateful

    1. Babe Ruthless

      Babe Ruthless

      Sorry, but I cannot. My part of our mod is just creating the picture and audio files. Buddy did all the real programming stuff. I have been trying to get him back into WoT but he is angry that the high-level matches are dominated by campers.





    2. nevaehruo_1


      Well I wish us both all the luck in the world cos I really like the mod and you seem to like tanks he's out numbered.:P

  2. Unfortunately, unless Aslain adds it to his mod you will have to copy and paste it after each update.
  3. Aslain, Buddy is working on updating the audio files for WoT. I just uploaded the female crew names that replace the global.mo file with female captain names. Please include it in your next WoWS update. Thx waif global.mo
  4. I just updated the female names to replace the previous global.mo file in WoWS. This file includes the French and Pan-Asian female captains. global.mo
  5. I am currently updating the global.mo file to add the 29 French given names.
  6. LOL....it's funny but the swimsuit addition was an afterthought. Unfortunately, there were only a few scenes of GuP with them in swimsuits, so the ones in my current mod are the best of the crop. You initially included my English translated GuP voice mod that was posted on Curse Gaming by Buddy_Deeds. He gave me the list of the actual sound bites that WoT uses and I gave him the corresponding audio files. We still have them, as Buddy and I have been a team for years. If you no longer have the audio files, or if WG has added any new ones I will be happy to pull new ones from the anime series. Currently, I am using the Julie Pack or the Japanese voice mods in game cuz is too much hassle for me to overwrite WoT files after each patch. As to WoWS, I made the female Captain names which I uploaded to you on my original post on that subject: http://aslain.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=9368 I use it with the Kancolle Anime female Captains that is already in your mod. Unfortunately, it is a hassle for me to cut and paste it into WoWS after each patch. I see that they have added a French ship now, so I suppose I will need to add French female names to the file. I am kinda sorta into audio and visual stuff, so I can usually make correct files, I depend on Buddy to do the techie stuff of adapting it to the game. Let me know what you need and I will try to add it. waif
  7. Hi Aslain and Fans. I see you are still offering the Girls und Panzer crew pics and swimsuit edition that I made a long time ago. I am really happy about that as Buddy and I recently started playing again. I also made an English language voice pack that used to be offered as well. Was there a problem with it? If I need to do something to update it, please let me know. I still have all my original files as well as the complete GuP anime series. Let me know, as I think it would be a lot better with my GuP pics than the Julie pack or the Japanese GuP audio. Anyway, glad u made it home safely and started updating WoWS again. I created a global.mo file to replace the ship captain names with female ones to match the Kancolle female captain pics. Hope u like it. global.mo
  8. I use the Kancolle anime female crew from Aslain modpack. Here is a file to replace the crew names with female names appropriate to each nationality. It fits in the WOWS file under /res/texts/ru/LC_MESSAGES you just overwrite the existing file global.mo
  9. We just made a Swimsuit Edition of the Girls Und Panzer mod http://wotmods.hopto.me:9000/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=cd49722ca45bc40033f1941890851334
  10. Buddy and I created our Girls Und Panzer voice and crew pictures mod, and I am currently using it with the Miku Anime Hangar mod. I wonder if anyone knows a good tutorial for creating your own 3-D Hangar for WoT. I have looked at the tutorials on WoT Forums, and the only one I can understand requires an nVidia graphics tool for Photoshop that I can only use on PC. Since my PS is on my iMac, this is problematic. Does anyone know a good designer that can either help me make one, or create their own Girls Und Panzer Hangar mod?
  11. I LOVE having it downloading with ur modpack....so much easier than installing it manually after each update. THANX !!!!!! By the way, here is the link for the Megamind crew mod that Buddy made. http://wotmods.hopto.me:9000/owncloud/public.php?service=files&t=cd49722ca45bc40033f1941890851334&path=%2F&files=%5B0.9.5%5D%20WOT%20Megamind%20Voice%20Mod.zip&download
  12. My boyfriend, Buddy Deeds and I created a mod that allows you to hear the Girls Und Panzer (English Dub) crew voices and see them in your Hangar/Barracks. Buddy has posted a link to it in the NA forums. We both use Aslain mod pack and would love to see our mod included. Buddy recently posted them on Curse gaming, as well. http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/world-tanks-girls-und-panzer-cre/ http://worldoftanks.curseforge.com/wot-mods/world-tanks-girls-und-panzer-voi/ He also has a Megamind voice pack that he made. I hope we can get them included. Thanks. :D Babe_Ruthless (SEUSA) - NA Server
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