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  1. Hi, please, any idea about change position of Tricks by Rajcel speedometer, Thanks
  2. Please, some possibility of the simultaneous use Enlarged attention markers to Minimap and Requesting fire markes. I can only choose one. Thanks
  3. Monitors 1080 x 1920 24 "vertically, 1920x1080 40" horizontally, 1080x1920 24 "vertically In this configuration, the monitors have the same height and form + - one surface. White space nor showing. Out off central monitor.
  4. Thanks for answer. I don't understand "Turn off scaling for the installer.". My primary monitor (vertical 1080x1920). Installer window adapts to this monitor and when I move this window on secondary monitor , windows is too long.
  5. Hi Aslain, Please, make installer vertically resizable window. Too long for my horizontal monitor (1920x1080) , too small on my vertical monitor (1080x1920). I have small monitor (vertical) next to big one (horizontal). Thanks Blitz
  6. any idea about change this to num ber 1,2,3 ... . Thx
  7. Aslains_WoT_Logs.zip I only see tanks icons from a great height above the ground, not tanks. Screenshot does not work. ----------------------------------------------- After loading the battle, I see everything as it should be. But as from a great height. More than the maximum zoom out and no tanks. I only see tank Class icons and it is impossible to zoom in. Even when I switch to sniper mode, the tanks are not visible too. I will try to take a screenshot when this happens again. Game screenshot does not work.
  8. Maybe highlight the changes in the installer. For example, new mods in red, moved mods to another folder in yellow. It's an idea and I don't know how complicated it would be. Thx
  9. Pls, how to set Smart ammunition second setup. Thx
  10. you can set in \res_mods\configs\xvm\Aslain/markersAliveNormal.xc " "enemy": { ... "playerName": { "name": "Player name", "textFormat": { "size": 12, // size
  11. I like green radar :-) An animated icon is enough. --- Great job. Thank you
  12. Please, add this mod https://wotsite.net/lampochki-6-chuvstva/12225-animirovannaya-lampochka-6-chuvstva-s-ozvuchkoj-dlya-wot.html Thx
  13. Chrome + Norton will automatically prevent the file from downloading. How to set up Chrome / Norton? Thanks
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